How to write to file multi camera inputs

I want to set up multiple cameras and save incoming data from each of them in separate files (.h264 or raw) simultaneously. In other words I want to do what ./sample_gmsl_camera --write-file=… does but for multiple cameras. As far as I know ./sample_camera_multiple_gmsl doesn’t have that parameter.

Furthermore I also tried nvmipp_capture_encode like:
./nvmipp_capture_encode -cf e2379a_c01.conf -c dvp-ar0231-raw12-1920x1208-ab -e 0 -t 0 -o output_AB.h264 -d 0 --aggregate 4 --vc_enable --nvplugin but display throws an error.

Afterwards I also add -w 1 as suggested in this issue but an image is shown in the whole screen and the drive freezes. I can’t playback the data as well.

Is there a better solution?


Could you please use recorder util to capture from multiple cameras?
The recorder tool is in /usr/local/driverworks/tools in DrivePX2. Thanks.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your answer! I also came across it yesterday. Is there a way to see at the same time the footage from more than 4 cameras, lets say 8, by not switching the views?