Capture Sequence in Omniverse Create is freezing on RTX3070


I am dealing with a Omniverse create problem which might be to do with the brass material. See attached, in the bottom right, the brass material loads only to 98%. I am not sure if this plays a part, but when I then try to render by going to movie capture and capture sequence, the render does not begin, it freezes and I have left it over night to see if it will work and woke up and it was still just frozen it hadnt started even a second of rendering. Please help. I have been able to capture sequences of other projects, they don’t freeze. Its only this project I have an rtx 3070 zephyrus duo se rhyzen 9 laptop so its the latest and I have the latest nvidia driver and latest amd driver too. Thank you. @Shalmzb

Hello @shalmzb. Sorry to hear you are having a problem. I have informed the dev team so that they can get back to you. I would be helpful if you could provide us with a copy of your logs found here:
Omniverse Logs: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs
Thanks for reaching out to us!

Hi, thank you for the response. Please see attached the log zip folder. I have attached it all as I’m not sure what exactly to give you inside it.

If it helps to know, the palace/house I had put in is an obj file. Fbx files of other things I have put in to omniverse capture movie render fine. I convert them to usd or use them as fbx files if need be. But this obj file even if I turn it to usd it freezes when I try to ‘capture movie render’. I thought it was the brass material because in the bottom right of ‘create’ it said it was only loading to 98%. But I have opened the obj file in a new project whether as obj or as usd, and even without adding any material and trying to ‘capture movie render’, it freezes instantly and doesn’t begin rendering. Hope this info and the logs help. Thank you
logs.rar (6.7 MB)

Thank you @shalmzb! I have sent the development team your log files. I am hoping to hear back from them soon!

I’m having a similar issue with capturing a single frame. Create not responding every time I click capture current frame.

Hi @shalmzb - thank you for your patience…if you have this problem even when capturing the same scene with no materials, it’s likely not related to the brass material. Can you confirm you are clicking “Capture Sequence” instead of “Submit to Queue”?


P.S. We are constantly adding new tutorials and aggregate them all in the “learn” tab on the launcher (also see: NVIDIA Omniverse Tutorials | NVIDIA Developer).

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Hi @emendizabal Yes I am pressing ‘Capture sequence’, not ‘submit to queue’. I have other projects i render just fine so the issue is not that I’m pressing the wrong button. The only difference between this project vs my other ones that render fine is i’m using an obj file for the castle in my attached image in the project that keeps freezing soons as I press ‘capture sequence’. I keep thinking the issue is the obj file type turned USD because all other files in other projects are fbx files I turned to USD and they work just fine when I render. Hope that helps

Hello @shalmzb! I heard back from the dev team. We were able to reproduce your problem on our end.

From your logs, it looks like Movie Maker is trying to use OV Farm which is why it is generating this error. The Farm widget on Movie Capture will read the default Farm server setting and try to connect to it at startup. If the connection attempt fails, it will generate the errors you are seeing. The dev team is working on a fix for this.

They suggested clicking Capture Sequence instead of Submit to Queue. Let me know if that helps!


thank you I’m glad they have seen the issue. I will await your updates because I do click capture sequence. That is how I render all my footage but in this project when i press it, it freezes. So hopefully you guys do find a fix.

Also, I had opened up a ticket on hair, eye and eyebrow issues but had not heard any help. Is this something you can assist me with? here is the link to the ticket Character Eye and Eye brow issues


Hi @shalmzb. I apologize for not seeing your post about Character Eye and Eyebrow issues. I contacted the Digital Humans team to get back to you on your original post.

No worries. Thank you