Omniverse Create rendering bad frames that look like dripping paint

Hi, I’m new to Omniverse Create and have been testing some renders using the Path tracing on Omniverse create 2022.1.0 on an GPU Nvidia GeForce 3090 RTX driver Version 512.15. So, all good until I have rendered a sequence out. I’m shooting an Alembic file created on Houdini which seems to be working fine until I got a couple of frames rendering wrong in between the good ones. It’s like the same frames are bad every time I try so it looks like a consistent problem.

Is there someone experiencing this? If you are, can you help me? here are some samples. Note how it looks like paint drips on the bad frame. Now the interesting thing is that if I render the same frame as an individual frame, it looks fine.

Thank you.

Here is the good frame example.


You could try to import the file to blender and then export as usd to Create. I got some problems with various alembic files too.

Hello @ricastrodos! Welcome to the community! Glad to have you a part of the Omninverse family! I can definitely see the difference in your 2 examples. Let me reach out to the team to get their thoughts on this issue. I will post back here when I have more information.

Thank you so much.

Thank you. I’ll try that for sure.

Hello @ricastrodos! The development team would like to get a source file from you to fix this issue. Would you be able to email it to me at