Problem rendering a sequence (frames being skipped and duplicated)

Hi all,
when rendering a sequence, after first frame finishes rendering, it instantly saves a random number of consecutive frames as duplicates of that first frame. Then render continues from frame 6 for example.

It occurs randomly, sometimes it jumps by 3 frames, sometimes by 10. I thought it has to do something with saving the files on our local server, but it also happens when I save .pngs locally on my desktop.

Hello @karol.osinski! I’ve shared your post with the dev team for further assistance.

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Hello @karol.osinski! The dev team is trying to track down where the issue is happening. They’ve asked for a few things:

  • Could you attach a screenshot of your render settings?
  • Could you send us a copy of your USD file?
  • Could you grab a copy of your logs found here: C:\Users<USERNAME>.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit\Create?

You can attached them here or email them to me at