Render Override Settings Overwrites Previous Frame Sequence

When you do a movie capture (render) and render out let’s say frame 1-49 and then for whatever reason stop it and then attempt to render frame 50-100 - it automatically erases frame 1-49 and begins at frame 50. This is not a great feature and I suggest a toggle check box be added by default is set to ON that continues the sequence rather than deleting all previous frames. Or perhaps the checkbox says “create new folder each time I hit capture sequence”.

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Thanks for your feedback, I will relay this to the engineering team, I agree that it’s a bit too easy to overwrite frames at the moment and it would be nice to have an option for the render sequence file name to match the sequence selected so as to not overwrite existing frames.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hello @garretthoyos! I submitted a developer ticket for this problem (for reference OM-34296).

Thanks for reporting this issue! Yes now we add a new option to let you choose whether to skip or overwrite existing images, and we do not erase all the images in the target folder before starting capture any more.