Fix setting for prerendered frames

Is it possible to have a fixed value for the number of prerendered frames for VR applications?

Currently we can set the maximum prerendered frames only. The problem is following:

  • Too unreliable in terms of framedrops with frame synch depending on scenery content
  • Left/right eye can have different latency (frame drop for one eye only)
  • We need a robustness in terms of latency and frame drops

Any ideas? Thanks!


I’m going to need more information: Are you writing your own VR application? What XR API are you using, OpenXR or OpenVR?

In general, you want no pre-rendered frames to keep the latency as low as possible. In case your application misses a present, the VR runtime will reproject the last presented frame. This step should also make sure that the presented images from the left and right eye are from the same application frame.
If you see the VR runtime present images from different frames per eye, that would be a runtime bug and you should report it to the runtime vendor.