Any news about stereoscopic rendering in directly in create?

I’am still stuck with that limitation, for now I have to create two separete camera and merge the output in one other program. Is this feature planned to be implemented in the near future ?

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This is something really needed on my side too, something like with arnold where you can choose a vr_camera type and select “side_by_side” mode, I’m also interested in creating a 180° video for VR.

Hello @idizdar & @m.oumoumad! We have the option to set camera lens properties for stereoscopic renders as left/right eye or mono (default) for non stereo renders.

We also have a Mirror Display Mode in Omniverse XR which allows you to select which “Eye” to view through when displaying VR in viewport. Left: Views only the left eye. Right: View only the right eye. Both: Displays both eyes (stereoscopic).