Cuda and Stereo


It is possible to code for the nvidia stereo driver with DirectX, OpenGL, or XNA. But I recently started to code a bit with Cuda, and i can’t figure out how to set up a view matrix like in a shader, so that the driver recognizes that he has to draw everything twice. I also tried to write into an OpenGL interp buffer but somehow it doesn’t work. Does anyone have an idea how stereo with Cuda could be achieved (how to get pointers to the left and right display buffers maybe?) or found a good resource? Thank you, have a nice day.

The stereo driver doesn’t get much love. I’d be surprised if the CUDA developers even know what it is.

Well, with the new stereo goggles that have come out this might change (the amount of love I mean)

I must say that having support for this might make for some nice demo-possibilities, but for me it would really be the icing on the cake. The effect in games was quite impressive I must say.

Besides VR goggles, DLP tvs work really well with shutter glasses (better than CRTs did).

And, since i’ve already got the hang of freeviewing, I wish the drivers would let you just see it split-screen.