Please provide some additional 3D Vision & Cuda 6.5 compatible samples NVIDIA!

Please provide some additional 3D Vision & Cuda compatible samples NVIDIA!

e.g : 3d Vision Compatible Visual Studio C++ Sample To Display a Stereo Frame From 2 Images.

Utilizing : Nvidia 3d Vision / Cuda 6.5 SDK / Direct 3D 11.
Platform : Windows 8.1
Development Environment : Microsoft Visual Studio

I purchased a NVIDIA Graphics Card, 3D Vision Kit and Compatible 3D Projector in 2011. (Very impressive and highly recommended!)

With the recent release of Cuda SDK 6.5, DirectX 11 and Stereoscopic functionality being implemented in Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System.
I would like to get the most out of my Nvidia Graphics Hardware but am unable to find any Source Code/Samples for 3D Vision Stereoscopic applications that are optimized for the latest Cuda 6.5/DirectX 11/Win 8.1 Operating System that would assist beginners to graphics programming get up an running.

Some incomplete code snippets demonstrating this functionality was provided fragmented in several white papers provided by Nvidia (2010).
A functional 3D Vision visual studio sample was however slow in coming!
After a lot frustration and unsucessful searching and finding many forum posts (circa 2010),
I do not think I am alone in requring some additional samples.
Nvidia finally added a sample : … But this was a bit late!

Direct X SDK 3D Samples work out of the box. (No additional coding for 3d Vision is required, which is great)
However… Since Windows 8, Stereoscopic functionality has been implemented into the operating system.
Microsoft have provided a stereoscopic sample : Direct 3D stereoscopic 3d
But Microsoft is insisting that programmers developing for windows 8 obtain a developers licence.
Without one (Development Machine Offline) users are unable to compile the visual studio sample or run the aforementioned demo! Note: The Cuda d3d11 samples do compile!

It is unfortunate that a sample that presents a Stereo Frame from 2 Images Or Displays Stereoscopic Video was neglected by both 3D Vision and CUDA Team. It would obviously be preferable to utilize Cuda also, but why no samples Nvidia??

Samples that would be of use include :
Display a Stereo Frame From 2 Images/Photographs/Cameras (Left Eye, Right Eye)
Display a Stereoscopic Photograph from .mpo/.jps file formats.
Display/Play Stereoscopic 3D Video Content in various Formats.(Side By Side/Over Under/Frame Sequential/Field Sequential)
Displaying Stereoscopic content in a window, Not just in Full Screen Mode.

I am very impressed with potential of my Nvidia Graphics Card and both the Cuda and Direct X samples. I am excited to get started and work with this great technology.

If anyone from Nvidia or users frequenting this forum could please assist and/or provide samples/working code that would be awesome.

Thanks for reading.

Please Help!