Can't render the first 5 frames of any sequences

As the title says, whenever I’m setting up a movie capture, large or small scene - as I press render the frame will ‘get stuck’ on whatever frame I’m on and just render that out for like the first 4-5 frames, until thereafter it’ll start rendering the actual frame #6 (with animations etc) and so on

I post about blurry textures (which can be comped out if necessary) and other problems on this forum, but this issue is kind of game-breaking for me

Hello @m.r.bjerre6715! I am reaching out to the development team for more assistance. Could you let me know a few details that may help us troubleshoot the issue?

What is your system environment? Operating System, GPU / GPU Driver?
What Applications are you using with Omniverse? Versions?
Are you generating any console error messages? If so, what do they say (or screenshots)