Weird/Unexpected Rendering Results

Hi everyone

I’m having a really hard time getting satisfying/expected results rendering in Create 2022.1.4.

Problem 1: The very first frame I render after I start the application is always completley black. Doesn’t matter which rendering mode, doesn’t matter wether it’s a still frame or a sequence.
Part 2 of that problem (and I’m not a 100% sure these are connected): every first frame after that, seems to be some kind of weird blend of the last rendered frame and the current one. This affects seemingly only the first frame of a new render job and is especially noticeable when switching to a new rendering mode.

Problem 2: Weird horizontal lines artifacts specifically when using Iray

These lines also appear in interior scenes/across meshes; so it’s not an issue with the sky. I sadly can’t show other parts/pictures from my project for NDA reasons.

I’ve tested a bunch in my own scene with render settings etc to no avail. Then I decided to load up the Attic sample scene and just render out one image with default settings.

I rendered the opening shot 4 times back to back, here are the results:

The render always looks fine/as expected in the viewport preview, and I am able to generate the expected results here and there. It just seems I get a different result everytime I press the render button.

Now to my specs:

Windows 10
RTX A5000 Laptop GPU
2x RTX A6000 EGPU
GPU Driver: 516.59

I did also try using only my integrated RTX A5000 GPU.
I also tried the recommended GPU driver 471.41
Same results.

Input/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Regards Max

Hello @maximilian.socher! I’ve asked for some assistance from the dev team. I will post back when I have more information for you!

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We’re looking into this.
For the “lines” or banding issue - does disabling Sample Caching resolve it?

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

The banding issue is specific to rendering with Iray where I have no Sample Cache option. But it was disabled in the Path Tracer options anyway.

Hello @maximilian.socher! The dev team is working on the issue. (Internal Ticket #OM-57341: Movie Maker not rendering certain prims in initial sequence renders)

Hey @maximilian.socher! Just got confirmation that this issue has been fixed on the dev side. I am expecting this fix to be available in the next version of Create!

Thanks for the update.
Just to confirm, the fix is only for the “Movie Maker not rendering certain prims in initial sequence renders” problem. Or are the other bugs I described also included?