Problems with material caching since 21.3


since Create 21.3.0 we see that the materials that came from NVIDIA Nucleus are initialized every time we open a scene (the objects are white, a little progress bar on the lower right is visible). In version 21.1.1 those materials are instantly available after opening the scene (when they where initialized one time).

This problem still exists in 21.3.1.

Am I the only one who experience this?



Hello @c.bickmeier! Thanks for reaching out. I pointed the development team to look into your issue.

hello @c.bickmeier
Can i ask a few questions?

  1. When using Create 21.3.0, is the cache status green? Upper right corner of the Create window.
  2. Can you open Launcher → select “Cache” in your Library tab. Then click on “cache settings”. should pull up a browser window that shows files/usage. Are they 0?
  3. At that same window above, click on the “Apps” tab. Is the cache service green? Screen shot that window if possible.


just to make the situation more clear… we have three different scenarios, so I will answer your question three time for each scenario. Those scenarios are the following:

  1. Running on Windows (regular installation of Create, launched with launcher)
  • Cache-Status in Create is green
  • Loading Materials that we have defined by our self (based on OmniPBR), stored on our nucleus is fast (they are instantly visible)
  • Loading Materials stored on the Nvidia nucleus, is slow (progress bar on the bottom right edge, white rendering until finished and this is not cached, because this happens every time we open the scene)
  1. Running on Linux launched through our own Agent-Service that runs as a regular user
    Same as on Windows… Cache-status is green… loading Materials from Nvidia nucleus is not cached

  2. Running on Linux launched through our own Agent-Service that runs as a service controlled by supervisor (but as the same user an in scenario 2)
    In this scenario Cache connection was red… but now when I double checked that, it is green…

So at the moment cache connection works in all scenarios… but in alle scenarios we have the problem that the materials are initialized every time they are used the first time in a scene… with version 21.1 the materials where instantly available in new scenes, when they where created once



Can you open Create, load asset and verify that it was slow.
Then navigate to the cache web page. Then select Apps


At the Apps tab, select the cache open logs


Then choose the service “cache -access”

Wait for a bit, might take a bit
Then download and send me the logs?

Hello @c.bickmeier! Have you had a chance to do what @mirice suggested above? Our dev team would really like to look into this.

Hi Wendy,

sorry for the slow response, I has heavily involved in a very important project and hat to focus on that to make sure we could held the deadlines.

As far as I could say, the latest update to Cache has fixed the problem. I think the overall performance of create has dropped in the last releases. For example with the latest 2020 release it was possible to stream over websocket with acceptable framerates. Since the last three releases the framerates while streaming have dropped drastically. The startup process takes nearly twice the time since the 2020 releases etc. but OK… it`s Beta :-)

Materials are still not loading as fast as in older releases, but the Caching seems to work again since the last update.


Hi @WendyGram I am dealing with a Omniverse create problem which might be to do with the brass material. See attached, in the bottom right, the brass material loads only to 98%. I am not sure if this plays a part, but when I then try to render by going to movie capture and capture sequence, the render does not begin, it freezes and I have left it over night to see if it will work and woke up and it was still just frozen it hadnt started even a second of rendering. Please help. I have been able to capture sequences of other projects, they don’t freeze. Its only this project.

I have an rtx 3070 zephyrus duo se rhyzen 9 laptop so its the latest and I have the latest nvidia driver and latest amd driver too. Thank you. Shalmzb