Realtime render RTX settings complex environments

Good morning,
I am curious of one thing. I’ve a couple of complex environments (e.g. the Australia Rural example from UE).

I wondered if there are a set of settings that allows realtime RTX render (i.e. > 30 fps) without compromising shadows or too many details.

I’ve a RTX Quadro 5000, however memory utilization stays around 2GB and rendering around 6 fps.

Hi @eliabntt94 , does this document help answer your question? Omniverse RTX Renderer Overview — Omniverse Robotics documentation

This seems new. I’ll check it out and get back to you. Thanks

Hi @rthaker. I was able to check the webpage you linked. I tested through the application itself. I was not able to reach realtime (>40fps) performances (unless I skip rendering steps, disable shadows, highly reduce image sizes, or other similar tricks). However, my guess is that this is more related the presence of animated objects/meshes in the scene. Indeed, letting physics in the GPU (disabled by default apparently) helped.

I might have time to explore with the reflection parameters of the materials. However, I don’t think it’ll help much.

Later, I’ll try also manually stepping and rendering. However, that for me has the problem that there is no “blocking” rendering call, i.e. a thing that I can call .render() and the full rendering happens (e.g. all the 64 spp, or the full rendering for RTX based on FPS).

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