Vehicle Simulation FPS

I have a scene in Composer. It’s fairly big but I wouldn’t call it huge.

I have inserted a vehicle with the vehicle dynamics pys attached.

I can drive around my scene fairly well in Rendering RTX (Real Time) mode…I get about about 120FPS

When I switch to Rendering RTX(Interactive) or RTX (Accurate) My frame rate drops to 10FPS-20FPS while I drive around.

To make something with great rendering and good FPS like the Marbles game or Racer RTX game is there a Omniverse Add-On to send my Scene through so It runs outside of Composer? Basically my question is…How do they go from a Composer Scene to something like Marbles or Racer RTX?

FYI, my general CPU specs I’m using for render in Composer are…
HP Omen
i9 CPU
RTX 4090
32GB Ram
100GB swap file in Omniverse Cache.