Questions regarding VR and RTX for photorealism

I recently purchased a 3080, and its performance has been brilliant, I just have a few questions regarding Nvidia Marbles Demo for Omniverse.
Ok, so, I saw on the demo that is was running 1440p 30fps on a single 3090, and the photorealism was incredibly immersive. So, supposing you wanted to increase the immersivity by running it in VR using foveated rendering, and you had access to two 3080 PC’s, could you, instead of splitting the rendering load between one whilst rendering both eyes, use each PC to render the viewpoint of only one eye in RTX real time. I have noticed that if the demo was only on 30fps for a 3090, it would kill fps even rendering just one viewpoint on a 3080. Currently with the Fove VR it decreases the average resolution to about 1/3 of any normal headset. With this in mind, could you get above 25fps using FOV rendering with one 3080 per eye? I know that performance to resolution in non-linear, but would this increase the fps enough to get to around 25-30fps? Would the rapid movement of the headset cause large fps decrease? Or would the fast change of resolution when moving your eyes on their own just be too much for the GPU? Supposing you wanted to render the Marbles demo, just the scene, with no actual marbles involved, and you used FOV rendering and all of the FOV tricks to decrease resolution, only wanting just a stable above 25 fps, with one PC rendering each eye, could this be done? The resolution of the Fove headset is 1440p x 2560p per eye, which is the same resolution that was used in the marbles demo. Currently I believe that VR is rendered the same way as non-VR, just with two different viewpoints, so, what problems would I encounter if I used two PC’s to render the foveated image of each VR viewpoint?
In case you don’t know, the Fove VR headset is one of the first eye tracking foveated headsets.
These are just a few questions and things that I was been wondering about.

Hello Stompyblue,
Thank you for posting.
I will bring your inquiries to the attention of the proper channels.
Thank you for your patience.

Hey Stompyblue,

VR is in development in Omniverse. We’re definitely taking into account the ability to render from more than one viewpoint, into 1 viewport or more, and combinations. We also have a foveated rendering piece in the works, but want to release those components when we think they’re ready for public consumption.

If you want to follow our progress, you can do it by checking out our roadmap in Trello: Trello


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Thank you for answering my questions :)
Do you know where to find the full marbles demo scene? I have downloaded the assets, but where can I find the full thing?

The full game is not available yet for download. Its something we are working on as an extension to easily play with. Dont have an ETA yet.

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