Any RTX or RTX 3070?

Hello, Happy Christmas and Happy New Year. Well, I am asking myself a question that is after all legitimate to work on Omniverse. But with the current crisis, I am asking questions for 2022 see 2023: There are two contradictory documents concerning Omniverse: either recommend you 3070 (either not found, or too expensive) or any RTX GPU (therefore the series 20)

Who is right ? Thank you, good Christmas again


There are two factors at play, one is that you need RTX hardware to be able to see a viewport so that is a bare minimum. Performance on a 30 series will be much better as the RT cores are quite a bit faster.

The second really depends on the type of scene you will be working on but the scene needs to fit in GPU memory so for that reason we recommend GPUs with as much memory as possible but at least 8GB of memory. You can run Omniverse with less but will be limited to smaller scenes (and materials).

The 30 series ray tracing is much faster so we recommend a 30 series for a great experience but an older RTX gpu will work if it’s, unfortunately, all you can get your hands on.

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Thank you for the answer, like everyone else I loved buying a series 30 at a reasonable price, but given the scalpers, which prevent us from working, we needed a canon point of view. I wish you once again a happy Christmas and end of the year

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