Stuck loading file at 99% and can't render movie capture sequence

Hi there, I cannot capture an image sequence using movie capture, when I try, Omniverse Create freezes/crashes. On other project files it works fine. In my project, there is a 99% loading bar at the bottom right that never goes away, even after leaving the scene to load for 45 min - I’m assuming this is related to the issue.

Computer Specs (OS, GPU, GPU Driver)
Windows 10 Home
RTX 3080 Ti GPU
Studio Driver - Version 472.47

Applications and Versions
Omniverse Create 2021.3.8

Hello @edstudios ! I reached out to the dev team for more help on this. This issue might be reported in your logs. Could you attach a copy of your log files found here: C:\Users<USERNAME>.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit<APPNAME>

kit_20220308_105722.log (342.4 KB)

Please see attached thanks.

Recorded my screen of what happens and have the console log open. The project plays fine and all of the textures are displaying properly. It freezes and then crashes shortly after trying to either capture a sequence or a single image.

I solved the issue by renaming all of my materials to remove non-alphabetical characters in 3ds Max (also removed a TIF image that was being used), and then re-imported it into Omniverse and re-built my project file. Hope this helps anyone facing similar issues - check your material names!

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