Omniverse Create - When using movie capture resource usage is very low

We are currently busy with a project where we require a fly through of a particular model with a system that sports 128GB of RAM and a 4090RTX GPU and a Ryzen 9CPU with the typical bells and whistles one would expect with such a system, when capturing a movie after defining camera paths we notice that regardless of the render settings we use, the CPU and GPU usage is very low, we have bumped up the GPU cache to 10GB, but when we hit render the CPU and GPU never cross the following values:

CPU - 16%
GPU - 16%

Is this normal? and if not how do i get omniverse to use all the available capacity we have, currently it feels like im driving a ferrai in first gear trying to get this video out the door

We have found that the Windows task manager often does not convey the proper resource utilization. In any kit-based app, you can go to Window>Utilities>Statistics and switch the panel to “GPU utilization” in the top right drop-down menu.

In some cases, if the scene is relatively simple and the frame renders are very fast the GPU might be waiting for the images to get saved to disk.

Can you try an included scene like EuclidVR_Stage to see if it’s a system issue or if it may be related to your file? You can find it in the “Samples” tab in the lower half of Create. If Euclid also renders using minimal resources, can you provide the render settings used?

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