Where is the screen capture tool?

The Capture Screenshot menu option is extremely bare bones, but apparently there’s a better tool somewhere:


However, when I open extensions and search for it, it doesn’t come up. Where can I find it?

In order to deploy Omniverse to my coworkers, I need an easy to use, clear button to capture a high resolution image which then pops up a dialog which asks where they want to save it and in what file format.

i think that specific extension is in Presenter. i’ll let Richard verify that statement, so don’t quote me on that:

i haven’t dug into the extensions yet that were shipped with Presenter; but potentially it could be loaded back into Composer if you know which extension to load. otherwise, you can use the ‘movie capture’ extension that comes with Composer by default and opt for ‘capture current frame’ instead. it tends to provide more options generally speaking:

the underlined items are (from top to bottom): image resolution, path specification, file name/format, one clear button. if you are inclined to capture with alpha or transparent background, you can click on the gear icon next to the format and toggle that option on:


this method should bypass capturing any UI element on screen that you’d normally get from using the ‘capture screenshot’ function from Edit menu.

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Thanks for the tip!

That seems to work nicely… only caveat is perhaps something that’s inherent to all of Omniverse:

Screenshot 2023-09-26 112020

I imported just a small part of one of our boats and put it in a default scene, yet a 4K render yielded that red text… not many people where I work have a 3090, so they won’t be able to render high resolution images then?

(That red text was not present before I did the movie capture, so I’m guessing it has to do with the render resolution?)

it could be a combination of things at this point that could attribute to the bottleneck - render settings, resolution, texture sizes, number of textures, shader conplexity, volumetric effects, etc. could all play a factor. the Profiler (F8) might be able to give you some general idea. mods/devs could probably elaborate more on the issue you are having.

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For a simple screenshot in Composer, just press F10. This will immediately capture either the whole app UI with viewport, or just the viewport output. The option and the screenshot save directory can be set in Preferences.

If you want to have more options and more settings for final frame output, then use the Movie Capture Dialogue and use the “capture current frame”.

If you are in Presenter, it is just that “Capture Screenshot” button on the toolbar as you show