Question about Blender Omniverse Integration


we were testing your Blender 3.0.0-usd.100.1.3 version with our Omniverse Enterprise setup with real world data and our first results were quite positive.

Butthis raised some questions:

  • Lights were far too dark. is there any documentation how this is translated into USD?
    I had to amplify the Blender values in your plugin about 200x to 250x?
  • What about dependencies/constraints /drivers (Maya term “driven keys”) is there a way to do this in USD? Will your Blender integration do some translation of these features to Omniverse?
    Will “multi material per face” be supported one day ?

And last but not least:

  • Will there be any live integration available from Blender <–> Omniverse? Maybe even soon?

Beside this: Great job, Thanks a lot,

Hello @Jan_Osch! I’ve sent your questions to the dev team. Thanks for reaching out!

Hi @Jan_Osch , can you clarify what you mean by “multi material per face”, please? Do you mean a layered shader approach?

Hello @Jan_Osch . Thanks for the questions and feedback!

As for the lighting, there is logic in place for converting between Omniverse light units (Nits) and Blender light energy units that’s enabled by default. That said, the light conversion is an area we are actively trying to improve. To clarify, are you seeing the lighting discrepancy when exporting a USD from Blender and viewing it in Omniverse?

We are currently not explicitly handling constraints, though this is an are of future development.
Depending on what you mean by constraints, there is an experimental feature under development for IO of skeletal mesh animations/armatures. Can you clarify what sorts of constraints you are specifically interested in (e.g., physics RBD, etc.)?

As to your last question: yes, we plan to develop an Omniverse connector for Blender, once USD IO functionality in Blender is more fully fleshed out.

Thanks for your prompt answer.

Yes, it is exporting from an USD Blender → Omniverse

We are using mechanical rigging in Blender

Blender Live connector
Thanks for the openness, looking forward for a future update.