USD inconsistent material with converted OBJ model


The USD model I converted from OBJ file has lost some color of its materials, as shown in the attachments. How can I fix it?

Thanks. (36.4 KB)

@mssonglin in this case, perhaps exporting the model from OV’s Blender build as USD is going to do a better job preserve those material information. I was able to use the default export setting from Blender without changing any params and get something more along the line of what you get in Blender:

@Simplychenable Hi, Thanks for the help. Sorry, I am new to this, What do you mean OV’s blender build?

NVIDIA has a separate Blender build with better USD interoperability with other OV apps, you can find it under the Exchange tab:


there is a dedicated channel for Blender should you have specific question pertaining to this specific build: Blender - NVIDIA Developer Forums

as well as an official doc: Blender — Omniverse Connect latest documentation

that said, i am not sure why the conversion inside of Composer would result in incompatible materials, so consider going through OV’s Blender as a workaround. the mods/devs could probably have better explanation regarding the conversion issue.

Great. I’ll use this workaround for now. Actually, it would be helpful to have this issue fixed as I have a lot of such OBJs to convert.

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