OmniPBR material converted from simple Blender material won't show opacity

This was converted from Blender, and had a very simple Principled material with a PNG which fed into Base Color and Alpha and nothing else. The Alpha was lost in translation, but I also fail to re-enable it in Omniverse. What am I missing?

Also, some materials were “glowing” and I thought it would go away after replacing them all with Omniverse materials, but the glowing top left black rectangle in this screenshot is an Omniverse Material (texturized rubber) on top of another Omniverse Material (plastic white), yet it still glows (the bottom right rectangle is this decal which fails to recognize the opacity from the PNG):

I tip for using textures for alpha / opacity is to make a separate black and white texture just for alpha and not try to use the original texture for color. So I always create one for albedo and one for alpha.

Well, sure… but neither Blender, nor Max, nor Unreal requires that…

Actually I have always done that for my 3dsmax workflow. I find it much cleaner.