Export semi-transparent, layered materials to Omniverse

Hello everyone,

I am trying to export models, textures and materials from Blender over to omniverse to create synthetic datasets in Omniverse Replicator.
Many of the objects that I try to export, have layered materials that use a transparency map, to combine a transparent glass material with an opaque material (e.g. glass bottle with an opaque label).
I am using the Omniverse add-on for Blender to bake all the maps and reduce the material to a simple Principled BSDF material with a base_color, roughness and transparency map. This works perfectly, however when exporting it as USD the transparency layer gets completely lost and instead is exported as a fully opaque omniPBR. I suspect this happens, since it either creates a omniPBR material, which is completely opaque or an omniGlass material, which is completely transparent.

Do you know of any way to export such semi-transparent materials from Blender? Or is there any way to do this task in different software?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hi Dario! Could you share a quick .blend file with everything packed into it?

Hi jbapst,
yes of course. I’ll share an example blend file with an object which has already all maps baked into it (using the omniverse add-on). This file is part opaque and part transparent and I would like to import it into Omniverse.

You can get it here: