Frosted OmniGlass?

Hi everyone !

I need some help on Create with a material.

I thought it’d be easy but I just cannot find a solution.

I’m using an Basic OmniGlass material on a mesh and it looks great ! But this object is supposed to be made of a more “frosted glass” material, almost like translucent plastic.

It should look like a little bit like the green plastic of this controller, not totally translucent, not totally opaque…With a little bit of noise in its translucency…

I’d like to be able to modify that “noisy translucency” with a slider…if it’s possible…so I could easily tweak it !

If anyone has an idea…or even better, a solution ^^

Best Regards.

I would try Create > Materials > OmniSurfacePresets > OmniSurface DeepWater.
Parameters to adjust:

  • Specular: Weight - to tone down reflections
  • Specular: Roughness - This makes the reflection and refraction glossy
  • Specular: IOR Preset
  • Transmission: Weight
  • Transmission: Color - shift it to green
  • Transmission: Depth - adjusts light passing through
  • Transmission: Scatter - shift it to green
  • Geometry: Thin Walled - may need to enable if your geometry doesn’t have thickness

Screenshot and Material Export attached.

Good luck,
GreenPlastic.material.usd (11.4 KB)

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Wow ! Looks promising !

I’ll give it a try tomorrow ! Time to sleep ! ^^

While we’re at it, don’t you think there’s a way to obtain the same kind of result with an OmniGlass Material ? by inputing something to the roughness or something like that ?

Thank you again !

Apparently, yes. When I was testing earlier it wasn’t play nice. Now it is working fine.
Glass Roughness should handle it.

NOTE: you need to use RTX - Interactive or RTX - Accurate to see the effect properly.

Good luck.

Oh, thanks !

So, there’s no way to see this in Real-Time RTX ? So sad ! I was planning to do my renders in RT RTX…