Glass and Light issues - UE connector

Hello everyone,

I’ve created my first test with Omniverse. Very exciting! I used one of my previous UE scenes from a Aston Martin DB5 piece I created last year. The connection worked great but I am noticing a couple of issues with translucency and lights:
_Glass on Realtime mode seems to be completely see through. No Reflections
_Even on Ray-Casting mode the UE shader seems dull.
_Translucency with opacity level in real time seems off. Looks fine in Path Tracer.
_Issue with light attenuation radius in path tracer. No gradient, just cuts off.
_Light’s radius shows as a black sphere when seen through glass. Both Path-tracer and Realtime
_Rectangular Light’s shape visible through translucent objects

I am sure there are some settings that I am not applying and many more I will need to tweak in order to get a better final image. So far this is very promising. More to come.

For the glass issues, I have noticed this as well if the glass is part of the same mesh as the body.

Or , you can just try selecting the glass and applying OmniGlass from the Create\Materials menu

All materials: Note that MDL doesn’t support all of the UE4 material nodes. Things like camera vector and object position are notable and can really change the look of an exported material. If you are using Material Instances (with a well-parameterized parent Material), you can edit those material parameters in Create, so maybe tweaking them will give you a better look.

  • Glass
    • Glass is hard to export. When you export, did you end up with a lot of warning messages about unsupported MDL functions? If so, maybe your glass material a great export target to MDL, or we have somethings to fix. I took MI_Glass from Epic’s Automotive Materials pack and I think I see some of the same issues that you have. Very little if no reflection, where OmniGlass looks amazing. If you’d like to provide your glass material to us we could take a look at it.
  • UE Shader seems dull
    • I assume you’re referring to your silver paint? Again, I get a nice paint from Epic’s materials pack, so we’d love to look at your material if you’d like to get it to us.
  • Translucency with opacity level in real time is wrong, good in path tracer
    • This is tricky, we are always working on aligning translucency between RT and PT.
  • Light attenuation radius in path tracer. No gradient, just cuts off.
    • I’d like to understand this better. I’m seeing a sphere light that diffuses nicely as I move it away from a plane
  • Light’s radius shows as black sphere with seen through glass
    • Allowing a sphere light’s radius to overlap with any geometry causes lots of issues in Create, I think you’ll also see boiling if you do this in other situations as the intensity rises. I would avoid it if possible.
  • Rectangular Light’s shape visible through translucent objects
    • I too see this, I will ask around about it

Thank you Frank,

I will give the OmniGlass a try. All of the glass is separate meshes.

Thank you Lou for taking the time. This is all great info.

  • I did not notice many error messages but I was not paying much attention to that. I was pretty stoke to see the model transfer successfully. The glass is from the automotive collection although it was initially done in UE 4.25
  • The car paint came through beautifully. I was referring to the glass material.
  • The light source is a small black sphere and what is getting cut in the Path tracer is just the attenuation radius. (Added an image - I can only add one at a time for the moment)
  • The image from above will also illustrate this issue better. Now that I think about it is a similar issue to the area lights but in the point light it shows black instead of white.