Video textures

Hi all,

Does Omniverse Create support video textures? And if so what formats are supported?

Greetings from Amsterdam, Sander


Its on our list to support. One hack is to use UDIM textures and connect to time variable in MDL to advance the frames.

We will make this easier when the material editor is in (next couple of months)

Thank you for the info. Can’t wait for this feature it would make it the cherry on top for me. Unfortunately I am new to MDL and never had to use Udim before so that sounds like a no go for now.
Love the program so far btw, spectacular quality and performance.

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Thank you, this is just the beginning, so much in the works. Thank you for being a part of beta and helping shape the product.

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Hi Sander, thanks for the kind words!

Until Omniverse fully supports video textures, we have a basic MDL material which can animate UDIM textures, creating the illusion of a video texture. You just have to assign the MDL material to a surface and point it to a folder containing a sequence of animated images named with consecutive numbers (e.g. frame001.png, frame002.png, …).

You can see an example of this UDIM texture MDL in the video below:

Let us know if this sounds interesting to you, and we can share the MDL file here.

Ah that looks awesome, exactly what I need at the moment. Been using unreal for some real-time action but programs like that always break for me when you get into the nitty gritty like transparency/reflection etc… :/ Omniverse seems to have none of those drawbacks.

Anyways, so the marker is just a counter? A file would be much appreciated.
My interface looks a little bit different from yours. Can’t find a details tab for the life of me (no audio settings and utilities either. Are those plugins?).
I can’t yet wrap my head around the MDL shader. USD preview surface = MDL? Did you use omnigraph? (supercool btw coming from Houdini)

So long story short, yes file please :)

Sorry, another question. Do I need substance or similar tool to create a MDL or is this also possible inside Create? What is the easiest way to do that.

That video is a bit outdated. The Details panel is now called “Property”:

The Audio panel is gone, because it’ now integrated into “Property”. It will do the right thing when dealing with audio prims in USD. Utilities were an old extension that have been integrated into other parts of the tool as well.

I can’t yet wrap my head around the MDL shader. USD preview surface = MDL? Did you use omnigraph? (supercool btw coming from Houdini)

USDPreviewSurface is an implementation of the USD standard material in MDL. MDL is a general language that allows you to write any arbitrary material. You can write them by hand or use a tool like Substance Designer to author new MDLs. We are also close to adding graph-based MDL. Coming very soon.

Hi Sander

Welcome to Omniverse!

I’m attaching the MDL material I’ve been using for our texture animations. You should be able to just drag and drop this into your stage and it will appear as a material. Haven’t tested it with the official beta build yet so let me know if there are any problems and I’ll make sure we get it to work for you.

AnimUdimMaterial.mdl (3.5 KB)

As mentioned before, this is a temporary solution. The renderer will load all UDIMs you’re referencing so this can easily exceed the maximum number of textures allowed or simply exceed your device memory. In this setup I believe the maximum number of frames possible are 640. I don’t remember the maximum number of texture resources. It might be a bit lower than that.

Anyway, I hope this helps and let us know how it works out for you.

Happy holidays!


Thank you so much for the workaround. It’s not going to cut it for now. 640 is not nearly 55000 haha. That will never fit in memory I guess. I hoped this to be a great step up from Eevee which just plays very long mp4’s no problem. Of course when you make great software somebody comes around with a very specific use case to pick it apart… sorry.

But makes me very happy in showing what is possible. Can’t wait for the update :)

Did a little render test and the performance is spectacular btw. This combined with Houdini Solaris is just a dream come true. Keep up the good work!

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Omniverse is a platform for loads of connectors between apps , from Unreal to Blender to Adobe tools orking in 3D. It wants NVIDIA’s (or AMD’s!) latest RTX GPUs. Now is another time to curse the names of whoever is buying the damned things up to resell them above cost or mine crypto or just build some really weird Microsoft Flight Simulator dungeon.