Epic Games Unreal Engine Omniverse Connector Updates

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100.2 Hotfix Release Notes

  • Features
    • Add Unreal Engine 4.26 editor support
      • Note: The export folder dialogs in 4.26 do not refresh Omniverse server folders properly. Browse/create folders from the Content Browser first.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Collision properly exported from stand-alone static mesh asset exports
    • Fix crash when exporting DDS textures when a material uses virtual textures (note, proper VT export is not supported)
    • Fix crash when loading Level with USD actors
    • Fix live-edit of many Cinematic Camera properties
    • Fix binding materials to geometry subsets, honored only if the familyName of subset is UsdShadeTokens->materialBind
    • Remove the “Omniverse USD Sequence+ (usd)” Image Output Format from the Render Movie Settings because it is no longer supported
    • Fix crash when importing USD skeletal meshes. Garbage collection cleans up StaticMeshLOD so some classes needed to be moved to a different module.
  • Changes
    • Avoid exporting TangentX array for skeletal meshes if unnecessary

100.3 Hotfix Release Notes

  • Features
    • Add support for MetersPerUnit on import and export for meshes, shapes, cameras, lights, and stages
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix crash when editing material caused by Geometry Subset material binding
    • Remove duplicate vertices when exporting UE4 Landscape to USD mesh
    • Fix SkelRoot live edit perf issue
    • Get full data and handle transform exporting from Level Sequence sections even if there’s no key in a shot
    • Avoid crashing when MDL function call creation fails and reports an error
    • SkyAtmosphere material expressions get a constant 0 value when exported as MDL
  • Changes
    • Always create UE4 actor when loading a USD prim (rather than only if it is a model or lacks a parent component). This changes the layout actors, meshes, components, etc in UE4 to be more like the USD stage. Fewer components, more actors
    • Merge multiple camera sequence shots into a new USD camera while still preserving the original shot cameras
    • Support exporting BC6H/BC7 2D textures
    • Replace UE4 material function DeriveTangentBasis with TangentBasis when exporting MDL materials due to the usage of incompatible DDX and DDY material nodes

100.4 Hotfix Release Notes

  • Features
    • Add the optional OmniverseGroom plugin to 4.25 and 4.26. This plugin will export Groom assets as USD Basis Curves.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix crash when importing Black_Oak from mounted tree library. Do not attempt to reuse an actor of a different class.
    • Fix a crash when closing the editor when connection to an Omniverse server had previously failed
    • Fix a crash when opening an MDL that is referenced from a path larger than 260 characters (or so) due to Unreal Editor path length issues
    • Fix a crash when exporting a Level Sequence actor with a shot in negative time
    • Fix USD Skeletal Mesh animation importing and playing when triggered from within a Level Sequence
    • Fix an issue where imported USD timesamples that changed visibility on a parent prim did not affect children meshes.
    • Fix an issue where the Landscape default weight map was missing when DDS textures are exported.
  • Changes
    • Make basic USD shapes (sphere, cube, etc) use the same default material that meshes use when no material is bound
    • Don’t allow deletes of ancestral prims from referenced USDs within a stage
    • Support live replacement of mesh prim from point instancer with a UE4 static mesh
    • Workaround issues related to materials that employ Parallax Occlusion Mapping (POM) since this doesn’t translate well to MDL
    • Add support for the Black-body radiation material expression node with MDL
    • Add primitive data (bounding box, etc) from Unreal Engine to MDLs through a custom expression
    • Trigger Skeletal Mesh animation from within a Level Sequence rather then on the actor to ensure that animations with other actors are synchronized.

100.5 Hotfix Release Notes


  • C++ projects can now build properly if the are using the Epic Games Launcher source
  • Fixes for Spotlight and Post Process Volume translation reported by the community
  • Enhanced MDL translation support for more Unreal material expressions


  • C++ projects can now build properly if the are using the Epic Games Launcher editor source

    • While we’re still working on releasing the plugin source, we have included the *.Build.cs files so that C++ projects are supported with the NVIDIA Omniverse USD and MDL plugins. This won’t yet work with the GitHub Unreal Engine source, but it will work with a project based on the Epic Games Launcher editor source.

    • image

  • Fixes for Spotlight and Post Process Volume translation reported by the community

    • We improved the Spotlight to Sphere light translation and added mapping of the PPV’s “Exposure Compensation” to “cm^2 Factor” in the Tone Mapping RTX Settings in Create.
    • image
  • Enhanced MDL translation support for more Unreal material expressions

    • We added support or fixed these Unreal Engine material items:

      • PerInstanceRandom node
      • Panner node
      • FogVolume
      • Override material for instanced meshes
      • Live-sync with material creation on USD shapes
    • PointInstancerColorVariation

    • Added support for displaying friendly names and grouping MDL parameters

Complete changelog:

  • Features
    • Add the module *.Build.cs files to allow C++ source project builds using the Epic Games Launcher source
  • Bug Fixes
    • Materials
      • Unify MDL export warnings so they all appear in the same message log whether exporting to local disk or Nucleus server
      • Add a new way to identify if the refraction contained in material expressions can be used for MDL IOR. For example, if texture sampling is used to drive refraction attributes in a material, it will be ignored and replaced with the default IOR constant.
      • Fix 4.26 fog volume MDL exports, the subsurface color attribute was incorrect
      • Fix an issue with a missing override material when exporting instanced meshes
      • Fix an issue where initial material creation and application on a prim in Create did not live-sync to Unreal Engine
      • Fix MDL/texture importing when sampled with address mode (wrap vs. clamp)
      • Fix translation of the Panner material expression node to MDL
    • USD
      • Fix a crash when exporting shots in a Level Sequence that end outside the time range
      • Fix a crash by not allowing an imported Level Sequence actor to be renamed
      • Fix a crash when editing the transform of an instanceable prim by locking the movement of an actor if it’s a descendent of an instanceable prim
      • Fix USD warnings when reading incorrect value types
      • Fix an issue where USD mesh shapes axis changes did not live-sync
    • Lights
      • Fix export of SpotLights to USD SphereLights (credit Alex Jenyon for notifying us of this issue)
      • Fix the import of SphereLights as SpotLights to take the stage’s metersPerUnit setting into account
    • Install
      • Fix the uninstall to only delete files that were installed, not the entire folder where the plugins were installed
  • Changes
    • Materials
      • Add annotation to MDL parameters so that DisplayName, Description, SortPriority, Group, and Range are all exported and visible in Create
      • Add support for the clamped texture sample setting in the texture asset for MDL export
      • Add support for the exporting the PerInstanceRandom material expression node to MDL
    • Other
      • Add a utility Blueprint function to list the contents of a Omniverse server folder (ListOmniverseFiles)
      • Add support for exporting Level Sequence shots with the correct priority into a single Omniverse shot camera
      • Support mapping a Post Process Volume’s “Exposure Compensation” to “cm^2 Factor” in the Tone Mapping RTX Settings in Create
      • Add support for importing USD capsule shapes
      • The defaultPrim on exported stages now have a blank Kind, rather than be set to “group”. This fixes some prim/defaultPrim selection issues in Create.

100.6 Hotfix Release Notes


  • Significant Skeletal Mesh and Animation import and export improvements



  • Fix bugs to allow for easy USD timesample/animation exports of recorded sequences - makes it easy to capture dynamic Blueprint behavior as timesampled data (tutorial coming soon!)

  • Further fixes to material creation live-syncing between Create and Unreal Engine


  • Improvements to mesh caching of USD stages, both during the editor process lifetime (mesh cache) and between editor executions (DDC) - this makes reloading a USD stage significantly faster

  • Added an option to export prims in a stage as Payloads rather than References.

Complete Changelog:

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix a USD Skeletal Mesh animation import issue where the start time was being ignored (OM-27456, OM-27454)
    • Fix a Skeletal Mesh export issue when morph targets are employed by using LOD RenderData instead of the LOD Model
    • Fix crash when loading skel root with multiple skeleton bindings as the default prim
    • Fix exporting Level Sequence visibility/boolean sections if there’s only one keyframe (OM-27613)
    • Remove live-syncing of Level Sequence changes because of performance issues
    • Fix exporting spawned Blueprint meshes in Level Sequences (OM-27613)
    • Fix exporting Level Sequence with a 3D constraint section that has an infinite range
    • Fix exporting a mesh component as a Xform prim when there’s no actual mesh asset assigned (OM-27790)
    • Fix exporting material with PrecomputedAOMask in DDS mode
    • Fix a material export crash when HLSL text in custom material expressions contain comments near the end of the text block.
    • Fix a material export/import issue where refraction was removed with using the Fresnel node (now default IOR for invalid refraction is set to 1.491 instead of 1.0)
    • Fix another issue where initial material creation and application on a prim in Create did not live-sync to Unreal Engine (OM-26415)
    • Fix attenuation radius scaling (MetersPerUnit) for spot and point lights
    • Fix scaling (MetersPerUnit) for USD cameras, which use fixed units, so no scaling required
  • Changes
    • USD Mesh Importing
      • Meshes are now cached by both the mesh cache and the DDC to speed the subsequent loading of unmodified USD meshes
    • USD Payloads and References
      • Add an option to export props as payloads rather than references (OM-28488)
    • Materials
      • Update MDL Core Definitions to version 2.0.0 and set the exported SDK version to 1.6
      • Add support for exporting sincos() HLSL function in custom material expressions (OM-27401)
      • Workaround HLSL usage of the SampleGrad() function in custom material expressions (OM-27401)
      • Support exporting HLSL vector components as left assignment in a custom expression (OM-27401)
      • Add support for exporting Texture2DSample UE4 material function in custom material expressions
      • Add support for HLSL distance in a custom material expression
      • Prevent MDL export errors when encountering View to World and World to View transforms and emit a warning
      • Update the MDL Core materials to support hair color
      • Add MDL display_name annotations to strip the extraneous “inputs:” from the name in Create
      • Add support for exporting 2D Render Targets to PNG and DDS (OM-28954)
    • Animation
      • Add support for exporting a Blueprint animation with the “Copy Pose from Mesh” graph
        • Note: Only attached parent is supported
      • Automatically export a Level Sequence if there’s only one in the level, previously “Auto Play” had to be checked
    • File Support
      • Use UTF-8 (rather than ANSI) when interacting with the Omniverse Client Library to support all possible characters from the Content Browser
    • Installer
      • Make the uninstaller silent (OM-28140)

101.1 Update Release Notes

  • Highlights

    • Source code included to allow source builders of Unreal Engine to use the plugin.

    • USD Skeletal Mesh import improvements to support more USD hierarchies

      Viking courtesy of Turbosquid, artist Michael Weisheim

    • Fixed Skeletal Mesh material editing and assignment in live-sync

    • Added support for exporting IOR values in MDL with Unreal Ray Tracing Translucency

    • Fixed many custom HLSL material expression issues for MDL export

      (Epic Games Automotive Pack used for testing)

    • Add support for exporting USD Point Instancers from Unreal’s Grass system on Landscape Terrain Actors.

    • Add import and live-sync support for USD DomeLights as UE4 sky sphere actors.

  • Features

    • Include source code in the Launcher download to support GitHub Unreal Engine source builds
  • Bug Fixes

    • Materials
      • Fix an issue where an MDL parameter name might be redefined, causing invalid materials (OM-29128)
      • Fix an issue where deleting a material made in Create while in a live sync session didn’t update in Unreal (OM-28940)
      • Fix missing parameter annotations from parameters in material functions
      • Fix live editing of materials in a skeletal mesh (OM-29530)
    • USD importer will convert mesh from Y-up to Z-up, so cache should be changed if the up-axis is different (OM-29351)
  • Changes

    • Materials
      • Add support for Unreal’s combined material and post process volume ray tracing translucency in transparent MDLs (OM-27969)
      • Prevent duplicate custom expressions in exported MDLs by using a cache
      • Add support for radians and degrees in custom expressions in exported MDLs
      • Add support for mul in custom expressions in exported MDLs (OM-29276)
      • Support exporting additional outputs for custom expressions (OM-29276)
      • Support exporting additional outputs for custom expressions (OM-29276)
      • Support additional float4 constructors in custom expressions (OM-29276)
      • Unifying the material loading for USD skeletal and static meshes (OM-29351)
      • Add support for DistanceToNearestSurface material node when exporting MDLs by using a constant value to generate a valid material (OM-30208)
    • Skeletal Meshes
      • Reorganize the hierarchy of UsdSkelRoot to fix a missing UsdSkeleton transform, also helpful for the multiple skeletons. (OM-29351)
        • Old: UsdSkelRoot → SkeletalMeshActor
        • New: UsdSkelRoot → Actor and UsdSkeleton + UsdMesh → SkeletalMeshActor
    • Landscapes
      • Export Landscape actors with a GeomSubset and MDL Preset for each Landscape component to address issues with the visibility mask (OM-29643)
      • Only export the Landscape visibility mask once, as opposed to once for every layer
      • Add support for exporting USD Point Instancers from Unreal’s Grass system on Landscape Terrain Actors in 4.26 (OM-29803)
    • Lights
  • Add support for importing USD DomeLights as UE4 sky sphere mesh plus a material that supports some DomeLight properties (textures, exposure, intensity, color)

101.2 Hotfix Release Notes

  • Features

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fix missing USD Layer names in the Omniverse Layers tab (OM-13577)
    • Add a missing vector and matrix multiplication support for MDL distilling (OM-30492)
    • Fix MDL importer to handle some custom functions (OM-31735)
    • Fix installer to support a relocated Unreal Engine install from Epic Games Launcher (OM-30765)
    • Fix a vertex color bug on mesh export and weld USD static mesh verts
    • Fix Skeletal Mesh live transform update issues (OM-30696)
    • Fix USD SkelMesh importer to handle Geometry Subsets (OM-31735)
    • Fix a crash due to shared SkelMesh DDC entries between engine versions (OM-31982)
    • Fix an issue where imported animations replay too slowly due to usage of framesPerSecond rather than
    • Prevent OmniAsset in mounts from saving and live editing (OM-31753)
    • Fix folders and assets missing read-only mount flags (OM-31821)
    • Fix a reconnect loop on disconnected Nucleus servers (OM-26381)
  • Changes

    • Add “localhost” as the default in the Add Omniverse Server dialog (OM-2734)
    • Allow “omniverse://servername” in the Add Omniverse Server dialog (OM-2734)
    • Add export commandlet options for payloads and layered sublevels
    • Export World Outliner folders as USD Scope prims (OM-30645)
    • Add an “Export Current Level to Omniverse” option from the menu button (OM-30627)
    • Update the Omniverse Client Library to 1.11.17
    • Add an option in the project plugin settings to save stage changes during Play in Editor sessions (OM-28372)
  • Notes

    • This is the last update to the Unreal Engine 4.24 Connector. Future releases will only contain Connectors for 4.25, 4.26, etc.

102.1 Update Release Notes

  • Features

    • Unreal 4.27 Preview 2 editor support added

    • Add an export option to create a “material override” sublayer and material references (OM-31466)

      • Materials are exported to referenced material USD files rather than embedded in the prop USD files
      • This ensures that changes to a shared material between to props applies to both props
      • This allows a user to save material changes in the MaterialOvers layer and future exports won’t overwrite them

    • Add Omniverse Checkpoints on Save, Export, and Live Toggle (OM-31918)

    • The USD DLLs are prefixed to allow the NVIDIA USD plugins to be loaded at the same time as the Epic USD plugins (OM-31328)

      • Note that some functionality in the plugins might be impacted due to both running at the same time
    • Add support for http/S3 references to allow for Omniverse skies, materials, and other assets from Create (OM-31892)

    • Add support for importing materials generated by the MDL Material Graph in Create (OM-31608)

  • Bug Fixes

    • Add version control to USD DDC to prevent crashes when importing the same USD SkelMeshes with different editor versions (OM-31982)
    • Add MetersPerUnit stage value to DDC cache to prevent incorrect scale on importing
    • Fix invalid MDLs in Create when exporting using the Core library dependencies
    • Fix USD Domelight import material by normalizing the reflected vector to prevent scaling
    • Fix bounds for USD SkelMesh animation imports (EuclidVR sample)
    • Fix live editing material from the USD Skel which mixes with Mesh and GeomSubset
    • Fix importing tangent_space_normal_texture function from base module to fix normals on OmniPBR (OM-33899)
    • Fix check() when importing Automotive Materials Pack M_Opaque_Master (OM-33666)
    • Fix a HUGE memory leak when exporting USD stages to Nucleus servers (OM-20218)
  • Changes

    • Unreal 4.24 is no longer supported
    • Live Edit will automatically be disabled when opening/importing a USD stage (OM-31918)
    • Add support for HLSL clamp conversion to MDL clamp
    • Add support for importing/exporting “unpack integer as float function” (OM-30252)
    • Add support for converting hlsl rgb per-component operation for the variable and function to mdl (OM-30252)
    • Update MDL SDK to 2021.0 (344800.2052): 01 Jun 2021
    • Support loading specific material from the core material lib in preparation for material node graphs (OM-31608)
    • Omniverse Client Library update to 1.13

102.2 4.27 Hotfix Release Notes

Note, this hotfix is only for the 4.27 Preview 3 Unreal Editor. Epic Games recently updated from Preview 2 to Preview 3 and our 102.1 release isn’t compatible, so we updated it.

  • Features

    • Updated build to support Unreal 4.27 Preview 3 (Preview 2 is no longer supported)
  • Bug Fixes

    • Fix the result of MDL lerp expression when the input is constant (OM-34457)
    • Adjust spot and point light exporting (OM-34234)
    • Fix the incorrect relative texture path when exporting objects (static mesh/skeletal mesh) to local disk
    • Fix crash when loading transform_vector_from_tangent_to_world() and transform_vector_from_world_to_tangent() from Ue4Function mdl
    • Clamping the texture coordinate index if exceeding the number of texture coordinates: Omniverse MDL used the 3rd and 4th uv sets as vertex color, so out of bound coordinates will cause the issue (OM-34912)
    • Add notification when the filename on the Omniverse is too long (OM-31735)
  • Changes

    • Setting max roughness to 1.0 which is 0.3 by default in Create to match the roughness attribute of UE material (OM-34749)
    • Update Core material libraries to 1dcbfb85 for OmniSurface

102.3 Hotfix Release Notes

  • Bug Fixes
    • Separate MDL functions which require MDL 1.7 to a new core template which will be imported as needed. The main Ue4Function template maintains MDL 1.6 to compatible with older Kit SDK versions (OM-35152)

      • This specifically addresses the issue where Machinima 2021.1 shows red materials with Unreal 102.1 and 102.2 exports

    • Fix a crash by adding error checking for the custom mdl function translator

    • Avoid repeatedly copying template MDL files when exporting materials

  • Changes
    • Add option to decide if exporting preview mesh as well when exporting the animation sequence (disabled by default)
    • Add support for HSLS exp/exp2 to MDL math functions

102.5 (4.27 only) Hotfix Release Notes

  • Features
    • Updated build to support 4.27.0 Release
    • Add support for importing the OmniSurface MDL materials (OM-34790)
    • Add support for exporting a material with virtual textures (OM-35721)
  • Changes
    • Add an export option to disable exporting Landscape Grass to reduce memory usage
    • Add support for exporting materials that use a Desaturation material expression node (OM-35720)

102.4 (4.27 only) Hotfix Release Notes

  • Features
    • Unreal 4.27 Preview 4 editor support added (Preview 3 support dropped)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix Lerp material expression node losing inputs with a scalar parameter caused by OM-34457 (OM-35242)

102.6 Hotfix Release Notes

  • Features

  • Bug Fixes

    • Initialize static mesh render data outside of OmniverseUSD module to avoid crash (OM-36271)
    • Support exporting cameras created from Default Pawn and spawned actors when recorded in a sequence (OM-34197)
      • Also add basic support for the spring arm component as a fixed joint to suspend a camera (without any collision avoidance)
    • Fix MDL custom annotation by unmangling paths
    • Fix strange triangulation due to world normal usage in Unreal materials when exporting as MDL (OM-34110)
    • Reset EV100 to 0 when the luminance is 0 to prevent the post process from overexposure
  • Changes

    • Add support for referencing textures, materials, and USD stages with a checkpoint URL (file.png?checkpoint=2) (OM-34630)

    • Allow a material to load for a GeomSubset that doesn’t define the “familyName” attribute set to “materialBind” - still emit a warning

    • Add support for the USD Preview Surface “Transform2d” function

    • If USD camera focus distance is zero use the setting from post-process on import (OM-35714)

    • Export EXR files as 16 bit textures since they’re now supported by Create

103.1 Update Release Notes

  • Features
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix crash when exporting a USD mesh with null material in Y-up axis mode (OM-37433)
    • Checkpoint actors that are right clicked from the viewport or world outliner panel (OM-37414)
    • Don’t allow saving or exporting to a read-only Nucleus folder and notify the user (OM-37424)
    • Fix exporting mesh with the socket attachments (OM-38063)
    • Add OmniSurface support for material graph MDLs (OM-37830)
    • Fix Undo/Redo changes so they replicate over live sync (OM-16706)
    • Fix deleting a copy of a referenced mesh under a referenced prim (OM-39178)
    • Add error notification when attempting to delete an ancestral prim
    • Fix USD mesh actor duplication (Alt+Drag, Copy/Paste, Ctrl+W) failures (OM-38541)
    • Disable Edit/Cut operations and notify user (OM-39468)
    • Fix reparenting USD prims hierarchy (dragging actors around in the World Outliner) (OM-39422)
    • Fix USD Scope loading and exporting - now acts as an unmovable actor (OM-39383)
    • Fix remove/add Nucleus server so it works (also fixes a server disconnect) (OM-38546)
    • Fix “Copy Omniverse URL” to have a correct extension “.usd” rather than “_usd” (OM-32549)
    • Added case sensitivity to the USD prim to Unreal actor mapping to load both “Axe” and “axe” (OM-39443)
    • Support loading MDL module from http (OM-39402)
  • Changes
    • Support exporting DynamicParameter material expression
    • Add a new parameter that was added in base::file_bump_texture in MDL 1.7
    • Ask the user if they want to fetch changes from the server when entering live mode (OM-32236)
    • Override attributes instead of duplicating full props when exporting a painted mesh (OM-38566)
    • Fix uninstall/delete from the Omniverse Launcher to only remove the currently installed Connector (OM-26048)
      • Note: this will only work with 103.1 builds and later, previous builds will have a broken uninstall/delete
    • Clean up many of the MDL warnings that were generated from exported materials (OM-37089)
    • Enable “Show Empty Folder” automatically so Nucleus server browsing works properly (OM-39423)

103.2 Hotfix Release Notes

  • Features

    • Allow users to export OmniPBR-based materials (OM-38620)

    • Add live-edit support for USD Preview Surface material parameters (OM-39825)

  • Bug Fixes

    • Make empty actors first class USD Xform prims and handle them properly (OM-38960)
    • Fix OmniSurfaceBlend MDL import by replacing long distilled material network with bespoke functions
    • Fix multiple camera actors being created when dragging and placing a Camera Actor (OM-40783)
    • Fix mouse control causing a bad rotation when piloting a camera (OM-38749)
    • Don’t live edit unsupported component types (OM-40746)
  • Changes

    • Modular exports will group materials for splines and landscapes (OM-39408)
    • Add support for importing Reallusion’s character MDLs in 3.44 (OM-39977)

103.3 Hotfix Release Notes

  • Deprecated
    • Updates for 4.25 will stop after this release and we’ll continue fully supporting 4.26 and 4.27
  • Features
    • Support for viewing live synced USD variant changes from other clients (OM-26617)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix missing LightColor timesamples from lights in Level Sequences (OM-40909)
    • Fix exported exposure when Post Process Volume’s “Apply Physical Camera Exposure” is disabled (OM-40877)
    • Fix MetaHuman Fuzzy Hoodie material export due to a regression (OM-41058)
    • Fix MetaHuman Teeth occlusion material export (OM-41055)
    • Fix a crash and behavior with USD prim attaching (OM-41418)
    • Fix USD Preview Surface normal map to undo the default tangent space calculations made by texture nodes (OM-41410)
    • Fix live sync when a Translate:pivot is used in USD xform op stack (OM-41542)
    • Fix loading MDLs with unpack_integer_as_float: It was moved to new 1.7 template (OM-41759)
    • Fix changing the SpotLight Cone Angle in Kit not changing the Outer Cone Angle in Unreal (OM-8166)
  • Changes
    • Updated to Omniverse Client Library 1.17 (OM-40371)
      • Live lock for “fast updates” is removed since there were issues with it
    • Export auto exposure settings to USD custom layer (OM-40877)
    • Disable two sided material when rendering translucent USD Preview Surface materials
    • Add support for OmniHair MDL importing (OM-40241)
    • Auto-refresh Content and Export Browser windows with Nucleus files and folders (OM-41548 OM-2399)
    • Remove preview height fog when opening USD stages

104.1 Update Release Notes


  • The Omniverse Connector is released for Unreal Editor versions 4.26, 4.27, and 5.0 Preview 2


  • Layer visibility and locked state is synced between Unreal and Create (OM-41867)

  • Add support for loading MDL templates (OmniPBR and friends) as an instance based on Connector templates

    • Rather than re-importing OmniPBR every time, the OmniPBR Unreal material is used as the parent material
  • Add support for loading USDZ files from Nucleus (OM-43305)

Bug Fixes

  • Refactored the Commandlet exporting to fix an issue where sublevels wouldn’t properly export (OM-15147)
    • Note, there is still an issue when exporting a persistent level, sublevels won’t export
  • Fix specifying the MDL template folder so that the template MDLs are copied properly (OM-42933)
  • Export 16bit PNGs for normal maps to prevent pixelated highly reflective/metallic surfaces (OM-30912)
  • Fix empty actors when they are attached to a Blueprint actor (OVSD-349)
  • Skip exporting hidden instanced components
  • Fix material location for exporting instanced meshes to avoid duplicates
  • Fix exporting custom material expressions with macros
  • Fix OmniGlass importing
    • Cutout opacity will be treated as opacity for translucent materials
    • Fix glass opacity when it isn’t enabled and disable RT shadow if the imported MDL is translucent
  • Fix editing a USD stage causing a reload issue (OM-42016)
  • Decode URLs before loading assets (fixed a texture path with space %20 encoding) (OM-43689)
  • Fix a regression with scene depth in a spiderweb MDL export (OM-44215)


  • Add an option to export Nanite meshes with their complete geometry from UE 5.0
  • Add a message log for loading USD and MDL to report issues with custom MDL distillation (OM-41762)
  • Add support for translating Square/Pow2/Pow3/Pow4/Pow5/Pow6 Unreal material functions
  • Add support for exporting instanced meshes as a referenced USD rather than including it inline in the stage USD
  • Update the Omniverse client library to v1.17.2. It uses Python 3.7 and fixes file subscription callbacks
  • Update the texture saving pipeline and only rebuild PNGs to improve perf if texture parameters require it
  • Remove local to remote USD layer copies in the stage control class (OM-44628)
  • Use individual file subscription for updates on Omniverse Assets rather than subscribing to the entire folder’s changes
  • Avoid redundant texture files copies when uploading to Nucleus servers
  • Add an accurate progress bar when exporting (OM-43374)
  • Add cancel button when exporting to Nucleus (OM-43680)

104.2 Hotfix Release Notes

  • Features

    • The Omniverse Connector is released for Unreal Editor versions 4.26, 4.27, and 5.0.0 Release
  • Bug Fixes

    • Fix progress bar that might show 100% when exporting a map for the first time (OM-46329)
    • Fix VertexInterpolator in the MDL translator (OM-47468)
  • Changes

    • Support the PreSkinnedNormal material expression in the MDL translator (OM-47468)
    • Add support for exporting a master pose component (OM-46978)
    • Add support for exporting with CopyPoseFromMesh in an AnimGraph (OM-46978)
    • Add an export option to set the Skeleton’s root transform to an identity transform (to assist downstream tools that prefer this)

104.3 Hotfix Release Notes

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fix loading the USD animation sequence length
    • Fix MDL exports when virtual textures are used (OM-48724)
    • Fix Omniverse texture loading in projects with virtual textures enabled (OM-46133)
    • Fix crashes due to invalid USD prims when live editing (OM-48918)
  • Changes

    • Update the Omniverse client library to v1.17.4 to update OpenSSL
    • Update the Core MDL library to 910238b3
    • Setup imported meshes with convex collision rather than using “complex as simple”
    • Load DDS block compressed textures as 2D when importing USD files to open/edit (OM-49132)
      • NOTE: this means that the Marbles RTX content from the /NVIDIA/Samples/Marbles Nucleus mount is loadable within Unreal - most of it uses DDS textures.


105.1 Update Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fix live editing exposure and loading exposure time samples for USD lights (OM-49611)
  • Mark imported textures as sRGB if the color space is auto in a material (OM-49285)
  • Add support BC4 DDS exporting and fix building 16bit grey texture (OM-48724)
  • Fix exporting UDIM/VT with different dimension (OM-48684)
  • Add support for local exporting of BC6, BC6H, and BC7 DDS (OM-48684)
  • Handle UE5 issue where C: is a relative path while C:/ is not for material loading (OM-53158)
  • Fix loading mdl which contains the full parameters list in SourceAssetSubIdentifier (OM-50358)
  • Fix a crash after dragging a USD into a level then running PIE, then quitting (OM-50761)
  • Fix a crash when exporting Skeletal Mesh with no Skeleton (OM-50461)
  • Fix an issue where the content browser is blocked when starting the editor due to a refresh
  • Don’t create a preview Directional Light if the USD stage contains a Dome Light (OM-52432)
  • Fix crash when exporting a Blueprint with a root that’s an instanced mesh component (OM-51882)
  • Fix crash when exporting only USD Preview Surface due to uninitialized OmniverseExportMaterialResult (OM-53656)


  • Add support for the DomeLight “Visible in Primary Ray” attribute in the Unreal sky mesh plus material (OM-50112)
  • Add support for exporting Animation Montages (OM-50677)
  • Dramatically improve the performance of loading stages with thousands of prims (OM-50300)
  • Add support for importing Mineways materials (OM-51513)
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200.0 Update Release Notes



Bug Fixes

  • Fix a crash when renaming a folder in the export folder selection dialog (OM-33512)
  • Install the Connector under /Engine/Plugins/Marketplace by default to enable 5.0 to build C++ projects (OM-
  • Add a scrollbar to the export dialog (OM-46285)
  • Fix mdl error on materials from gltf converted asset (OM-57847)


  • Expose USD and Facial Animation loading to Editor Utility Blueprints (OM-58488)


  • Updates for 4.26 will stop after this update and we’ll continue fully supporting 4.27 and 5.0
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