Custom Unreal export/import scripts

With the Maya Omniverse Connector Plugin I can write custom export scripts using Python (maya.cmds and maya.mel). But in Unreal it looks like there is no way to perform this type of automation. Is there any plan to release an Unreal Omniverse Python API or Source code for the plugin which we can modify? My goal is to have an ‘easy’ button for users rather than messing with export options in the Unreal UI.

There is a commandlet which allows you to export levels as USD to a Nucleus server. See the docs for more details. Let us know if this will suffice for now.

We want to improve the editor automation and utility scripting capabilities in the future. We intend to also release the source for the plugins so that users can expand this functionality on their own.

I did see the commandlet. Unfortunately it doesn’t give us control over individual assets like SkeletalMesh, StaticMesh, etc.

Do you know when the plugin source will get released for Unreal? That would be hugely beneficial to use!

I don’t have a date yet, just be assured that we’re working on it.

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We just released the Unreal Connector update 101.1, which includes source. You should be able to drop it into a project with any 4.24-4.26 engine and it will build.