Version 201.0 now uses Epic's USD libraries from the USDImporter plugin (Python Support)

The 5.x plugins use Epic’s USD libraries
Previously the Omniverse Connector used different USD libraries than the Epic USDImporter plugin. This made things more challenging within Unreal Engine due to library name clashes that we had to work around. Now, the Connector uses the same USD libraries, so we can increase the cooperation between the plugins. For instance, the Connector is able to import USD Skel Meshes with Blendshapes now because we’re actually using the USDImporter’s skel mesh import utilities. Another great bonus to sharing USD libraries is that the USD Python bindings can be run against stages that are resident on Nucleus servers.

Running Python Scripts on a USD Stage on Nucleus

With the 201.0 release of the Unreal Connector you can now run Python scripts using the USD bindings on stages that exist on Nucleus. We shipped a quick sample script called in the /NVIDIA/Omniverse/Content/Python folder. Here’s video walking through the script and how to run it: