UE4 Connector: How to import USD filefrom local disk?

Since Omniverse plugin disable USD importer I (seems like) can not import USD files from the local disk.
I can export unreal assets to USD using the export feature of Omniverse plugin but when I tried to import USD format is not supported file format.

Omniverse document said

Import/Open (From USD)

  • Geometry

    • Static Meshes
    • Skeletal Meshes
  • Materials

    • Preview Surfaces
    • MDL
  • Animation Introduced in 100.1

    • Skeletal Mesh animation
    • TimeSamples (as Level Sequence Actor)
  • Cameras

    • USD Camera attributes mapped to Cinematic cameras
  • Lights

    • USD Distant Light (as Directional)
    • USD Rect Light (as Rect)
    • USD Sphere Light (as Point)

Is this import feature only available to the Nucleus server?

Omniverse Plugin Version: 100.3.69.d0cab97e
MDL Plugin Version:
Omniverse Client Library Version: 0.18.0-0953256a-release
USD Version: 20.8
Build Date: Jan 7 2021

Yes, at the moment we only support import from a Nucleus server. We’re tracking this task as OM-13556.

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Where can I find the latest status of tasks like OM-13556?

Hi @xingxiaoxiong! The issue is being tracked on our internal server which is not accessible publicly. I sent a message to the development team to give an update here.