Error when importing USD file in Unreal Engine with right click

I’m following the main tutorial and when I get to the point of importing USD file I get this error

LogOmniverseUsd: Warning: USD Error in pxrInternal_v0_23__pxrReserved__::SdfLayer::_OpenLayerAndUnlockRegistry at line 3277 in file C:\USD_src\pxr\usd\sdf\layer.cpp : Cannot determine file format for @…/…/…/…/…/Desktop/Gribble Report/dalebsweight2.usd@
LogSlate: Window ‘Omniverse USD Animation Importer’ being destroyed
LogSlate: Window ‘Message’ being destroyed
Message dialog closed, result: Ok, title: Message, text: Failed to import ‘…/…/…/…/…/Desktop/Gribble Report/bsweight.usd’.
Please see Output Log for details.

Please see Output Log for details.
LogOmniverseUsd: Warning: USD Error in pxrInternal_v0_23__pxrReserved__::anonymous-namespace'::_GetPluginForType at line 147 in file C:\USD_src\pxr\usd\ar\resolver.cpp : Failed to find plugin for ArDefaultResolver LogOmniverseUsd: Warning: USD Error in pxrInternal_v0_23__pxrReserved__::anonymous-namespace’::GetAvailablePrimaryResolvers at line 307 in file C:\USD_src\pxr\usd\ar\resolver.cpp : Failed verification: ’ availablePrimaryResolvers.back().type == defaultResolverType ’
LogOmniverseUsd: Warning: USD Error in pxrInternal_v0_23__pxrReserved
_::`anonymous-namespace’::DispatchingResolver::InitializePackageResolvers at line 1175 in file C:\USD_src\pxr\usd\ar\resolver.cpp : Could not find plugin for package resolver Usd_UsdzResolver
LogOmniverseUsd: Warning: USD Error in pxrInternal_v0_23__pxrReserved
::SdfLayer::_OpenLayerAndUnlockRegistry at line 3277 in file C:\USD_src\pxr\usd\sdf\layer.cpp : Cannot determine file format for @…/…/…/…/…/Desktop/Gribble Report/final.usd@

Hi elleclouds,
It looks like your USD is invalid, and it caused USD core lib to report the errors. Did you try to load this USD in Omniverse Composer or Pixar USDView?

I generated the USD file in audio2face and tried to import it in unreal using omniverse plugin. 5 hours later, not one usd file made in audio2face loads and I’ve spent a day troubleshooting rather than creating. If I take the file in composer, is there anything specifically I should be doing? Is this extra step always necessary?

If you had a compatible unreal skeleton, importing an A2F USD animation should be easy. I’ll contact A2F team to get a USD to test.
BTW, about the skeleton asset, did you import it from a USD file? or is it a native unreal asset?

More questions:
What’s your version of A2F, Unreal and Unreal Connect? such as 204.0 in UE5.2?

Unreal engine 5.3.2
I’m using the newest version of A2F
I don’t think my USD from A2F has a skeletal mesh associated with it because when I open it in blender, there is nothing there.

I attached a video of what I’m experiencing

How did you get Face_Archetype_skeleton? Was it imported by Omniverse USD importer? I just wanted to make clear the steps to repro your issue. Thanks.

From my metahuman. Should I be using a different skeleton?

If you selected an unreal skeleton, its name, the hierarchy, and the number of bones should match the skeleton from animation USD.
If they’re not compatible, an error Skeleton XXX isn’t compatible with XXX will be reported in the log.
However, your issue is a different one. I didn’t see such a message in your log.

Yeah I’m confused. I’ve spent more time troubleshooting than creating.

Why don’t you zip up your work and attach it here so we can see what is going on ? It is hard to diagnose without the file.

You are trying to get a USD Character INTO Unreal ? What about doing your Character work in USD Composer ? Far far easier that way around. Try going from A2F straight into USD Composer and bypass Unreal.

I haven’t tried to use composer yet and will need to read up on it. I was just trying to get some text to audio lip syncing to Unreal so I can add to sequencer. How does adding composer change this pipeline for the better? Will I be able to export properly from composer or run into this same issue?

Well we want to make sure you can use any tools correctly and all workflows, work correctly. Having said that, you should certainly try USD Composer for actual scene creation and final rendering out. You will be amazed. Again totally free, totally realtime, photo real rendering and directly intergrated for USD files.