Can Omniverse export USD files to a Game Engine like Unreal?

Can USD formatted animations/models be exported from Omniverse into a game engine such as Unreal? I know Omniverse can receive USD files from Unreal using the Unreal connector but can the opposite work as well?


At the moment the Omniverse USD plugins support opening and referencing USD stages inside the Unreal Editor as shown in this basic docs page. With the Omniverse USD plugins, they remain as USD files and are not converted to Unreal assets - so it’s more of an “opening”, rather than “importing” process. USD Stages can be viewed, edited, saved, and live-synced from within the Unreal Editor

Epic’s USDImporter plugin does support “importing” USD files into the engine fully, and that’s been one of its main focuses. In 4.27 they’ve also added support for using USD files at runtime in a game build rather than just the editor.

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Ok. Thanks for the help!

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