UE USD/ Omniverse Plugin crash

activating both the USD and the Omniverse Plugin leads the UE 4.26 to crash without the possibility to restart?
I activated both because i would like to import the rhino geometry that has been exported to a usd with the
omniverse rhino plugin.

best, matthias

I believe right now, only one can be loaded at time. We have a future update that should support both at the same time.

So, the Omniverse Unreal Engine Connector consists of both a USD and an MDL plugin. If you do this:

  • Disable Epic’s USDImporter
  • Enable the NVIDIA Omniverse Plugins (Omniverse and MDL)

You should be able to import the Rhino-exported USD geometry from an Omniverse server in Unreal Editor.

As Frank said, Epic’s USDImporter and the Omniverse USD plugin are currently incompatible.

the “SendToView” function has a shortcoming which is that every time i execute this command a new “SendToView” Folder is created. I would like to have a static USD file that both Rhino, UE and Ominverse View are referenced to.

Now I published the USD file from Rhino with the “Publish” button.
Unfortunately the saved “Shell_Option_V3.gh.usd” is neither recognized by UE or can be imported…

Any suggestions? Thank you.

OK, I see two issues:

  1. @bharrison - for the Rhino “SendToView” creating a new folder every time issue
  2. As for why Unread Editor won’t open “Shell_Option_V3.gh.usd”, I’m not exactly sure. I thought it was due to the extra “.” in the filename, but I’m able to open files named aaaa_bbbbb.gh.usd properly. I’d love to dig further into this and figure out why it’s not working, can you possibly provide us with a USD file so we can reproduce and possibly fix the issue?

Send to View is intended to create a new folder each time. The folder name is a compilation of the name of the file being exported and a date stamp. This allows multiple iterations to be created quickly without overwriting each other.