SketchUp and Rhino connector


I’ve tried Maya and 3ds max with the Omniverse view. They works well and easy to use.
However, when i tried to connect Omniverse view with Rhino or Sketch.
Not only the UI is difficult do understand(I’ve watched the tutorial), it react very very slow when i click publish or send to view. Also, Omniverse View became unstable and crash all the time

Further, I would like to know, can SketchUp and Rhino open exist usd. file? Therefore it can be collaborated work.
Since I know 3ds max and Maya would do.

Thanks a lot!

Hello @juliechiang0515. Thanks for posting! I have directed this post to the View development team.

To help us troubleshoot your issues, can you please provide the following information?

  • Computer Environment (OS, GPU, GPU Driver)
  • Applications and Versions
  • If it is reproducible, what are the steps to reproduce it?
  • Include any Console Logs

It sounded like you have already watched our tutorials, but just in case I wanted to point you to our documentation:

Overview of Rhino Video can be found here: CONNECTOR | Rhino: Overview | NVIDIA Omniverse - YouTube

Also, I have asked the Tutorial Team to create tutorials for Rhino and Sketchup that go over the UI in both appliciations.

In general, Rhino and SketchUp both export quickly. We are aware of some cases where SketchUp can be slow, for things like trees in SketchUp.

If you could post some examples (images would be a good start) of what you have, that would be helpful to better understand the scale of your project.

Send to View - this will take the current model, save it to Omniverse and then start up View and load the model in View. If you have View already open, this operation is even faster to complete.

Publish - this saves the current model to a USD project workflow

Prop - this saves the current model as a singular USD file

Are you having troubles navigating within the Publish/Prop dialogs?

We are streamlining the export options (material mapping, using native materials, etc.) into the Settings dialog so that Publish/Prop/Send to View all use the same defaults so it is more controllable.

Hello @WendyGram ,
Thanks for your help.
 OS: windows 10/ GPU: RTX 2080/ GPU driver: NVIDIA
 Rhino 6/ Sketchup Pro 2020
 Reproduce?
 How to see the console logs?

Hello @bharrison ,
I was trying with a simple file e.g. only one box and one sphere.
I understand the difference between Publish and Prop. Thank you
My question is, in Maya and 3ds max. I can open the exist usd. file using import usd. (please see the pic) but in Rhino and SketchUP. I am not able to do that.
Also seems like the sync function in SketchUp is not available now.

Thank you.

Thanks @juliechiang0515 … this helps.

Rhino and SketchUp do not import USD at this time. We are looking into that for Rhino more immediately on our roadmap. I think that would be further out for SketchUp. Your comments and expectations here are very welcome.

Yes, SketchUp’s Live Sync is still a work in progress. We’ll have it working in a future release, probably early summer.