Rhino/Grasshopper Connector synic?

Hi, Do I have to bake the mesh from Grasshopper to Rhino In order to Live Synic them in Omniverse? And is there any way to Synic Grasshopper file directly to Omniverse?

Hello @yuanmiaomiao1994. If you haven’t already, take a look at our documentation here: Rhino — Omniverse Connect documentation

Are you not able to Live Sync your Grasshopper / Rhino mesh in Omniverse?
Do you have the Rhino / Grasshopper Connector installed so that you can sync the file directly to Omniverse?

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You do not have to bake the mesh. You can publish directly from Grasshopper, and live sync with the files you have created.
The documentation like provided by Wendy should show you how.

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I’m not able to Live Sync Grasshopper/Rhino mesh in Omniverse. Because I’m using Mac version Rhino, any chance that we could have a Mac Version Rhino/Grasshopper Omniverse connector?

We will add that to the wish list.

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Thanks :)