Material missing during syncing mode


I would like to know how to keep the material during syncing mode.
For example, when I have a model A exported from Revit to View, the material shows perfect.
I created another model B in Rhino, and connect with the model A usd. in syncing mode.
However the material of Model B in View turned all red.
please see attached image

(If I export Model B separately to View, the material also appears well)
Thanks for helping, this is very important for us to test the limit of Omniverse and the further application in our industry.

Hello @juliechiang0515 we are sorry to hear about your troubles exporting Rhino models to View. I assume you are working from a server? Have you tried using localhost?
Do the materials load when you are not in live sync mode?
Also, these wouldn’t be vray materials, would they? I will check in with our devs and get back to you regarding this issue. Thanks.

I also noticed you were having problems with Nucleus. This might be related to that issue.

hello @juliechiang0515,

As @FViloria mentioned we do not support VRay material export from Rhino yet. Only native Rhino materials will be exported. However it seems like you were able to export materials from Rhino before.

Do the materials from Rhino publish correctly first, then turn red when “Live Sync” is enabled or do they appear red when you first load them in? It would be helpful to get some additional information to help you.

Could you share:

  1. Your Rhino export settings in the “Publish” dialog: Does the problem persist when you only select “Use Rhino Materials” checkbox?
  2. log files: you can find these under: %ProgramData%\NVIDIA Corporation\Omniverse\data\Kit\View\100.2 name of the file is omniverse-kit.log
  3. the contents of the materials folder, there should be a material folder under: {your_project_folder}/ProjectFiles/{your_rhino_project_name}/Materials/ and there you should be able to see custom MDL files saved with your project along with any necessary texture information. (please refer to the image below)
  4. Shader assigned to the red geometries: you can find this if you click on the mesh and look at the “Materials on Selected Model” tab in “Property” Panel. This should also be located in a “Looks” folder in your “Stage” Panel (please refer to the image below)
  5. Version of Rhino Connector: you can find this information in Omniverse Launcher under the Library>Connectors tab.

additionally could you also check that nucleus server is running.

Hi @FViloria ,

Thanks for you quick reply!

I am working from a server since I am testing the limit of the server and View. That’s why I choose to work with the server rather than localhost.

The material load well when I am not in live sync mode.

They are not v-ray materials.

I used another PC as a server which have no problem with the Nucleus.

Hi esekkin,
Thank you very much for your detail reply 😊.
The Rhino file published correctly first.
I open another usd file from server, turn on the sync with Rhino, then the Rhino imported items turn red.

  1. I have no issue with export the model from Rhino to Server and then to View. So I don’t think the situation is related to the publish setting. I did choose “Use Rhino Materials” during exporting, but during syncing mode, there is no option for me to choose.

  2. Here is the log files,
    omniverse-kit.log (3.5 MB)

  3. I did see the mdl file, but I cannot assign to the model.

  4. Please see the video in this link.
    I found out that if I delete the “Looks” folder, the red material problem is solved. However, the texture material (jpg.) then disappeared, only the color material remained. Also, every time I move, created, rotate… the model in view turns red again, and I must delete them every time which is not reaching the “3D collaboration workflow” idea. Maybe it’s my personal operating problems, please kindly let me know. (((***Ps. If I exported model from rhino to view, the texture and colour material remains well.)))

    P.S. In this official demo video, during syncing mode, they create, move the items, the material didn’t show red, and seems fluently.

  5. The version of the Rhino Connector is 102.1.148
    Today, I met another issue that the server keeps sign out during using the Omniverse View. Please check this video. And if I open the usd file I created awhile like yesterday; it cannot sync today.
    Omniverse syncing failed - YouTube