Material is RED

I’m beginner, using Omniverse-view fist time today.
Very simple scene (vrayMaterial) Exported with USD from 3dsMax as a Project.
Open the USD file in omniverse-View, the surface is only RED,and doesn’t show any material.
same option with tutorial, no idea what’s should.


There is a couple things to try. 1) When using vray, try turning off embedded MDL. 2) Try exporting not as a AEC project. 3) Also restart View or Create as sometimes this needs to happen to be able to load a re exported MDL.

Also note the supported vray nodes here, 3dsMax — Omniverse Connect documentation

If possible, could you also send your export settings you used when you hit the issue?


Red Materials denote broken shaders, my guess is you are using an unsupported shader. We do support some vRay materials but not all.

Check here against the shaders you are using…

thanks, i upload screenshot as export setting.
the scene has VrayMaterial and StandardMaterail.
the materials has JPEG with bitmap.

the tutorial show same setting about material.
the documentation say non support bitmap-Texture,
but the tutorial use bitmap-texture, what this mean?
why do not tell about the diffuse-map slot supporting for vRayMaterial?

teapot_v002.max (1.4 MB)

best regards

additinal report
when Conneting Omniverse server,
we can not select objects in viewport, and viewport become very slow.
even disconnct server, this problem is keeping on this 3dsmax session.
restart 3dsMax, this probrem is not, when does not connetsing server.

We’ll look into making sure the tutorial is accurate. however Vray bitmap is not supported in the current version of Max connector. We continue to add support for more nodes as we go forward.

When you say the viewport is slow, do you have Live turned on?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are tracking this issue in OM-30988

nope, the bitmap-Texture through standard bitmap-node.
(vRay-Next seems to be not supported)
even bitmap-node in standard-material is not converted accurately.

i hope more accurate conversion for material and more support in the connector.

i’m looking forward.

thanks , best regards.