vMaterials and 3DS files

I am trying to convert a 3DS made using VRay scene into USD and I have issues exporting directly using the Omniverse connector, because a lot of materials are lost.
I tried using Datasmith and Unreal engine and the results are better but the loading time of the scene in Omniverse is unacceptable: it takes more than 7 minutes with an A5000 GPU.

I am trying to export the materials directly from 3DS into an MDL library but I have no idea if this is something that is possible, and how to do it. Any clues?

Many thanks,

The omniverse connector for 3dsmax 2024 should work great to convert vray scenes into usd scenes with the correct mdls. I know it works very well. Your vray materials should be normal vraymtl materials. Nothing too fancy. It will not do advanced level vray materials, like custom shaders, blend shaders etc etc.

Also the A5000 is an older gpu. Once USD Composer or whatever you are using, loads the materials into cache it should be very fast to re-open.