Rhino connector/Live sync unexpected behavior

Hello, I’ve recently started to use omniverse create for archviz, im experiencing some strange issues when using LiveSync, most of the time when i move objects around, change them , change materials the stage at omniverse gets all messed up: materials can jump from one object to another, some objects can even dissapear. sometimes moving the object again gets it sorted, and then again. Additionally UV mapping works only one time, when i map an object the first time it gets registered in omniverse , however if i want then to change the mapping it wont get to omniverse until i delete the mapping channel and do that again… are these known issues? Thank you


Also is it possible to somehow reflect placed assets from omniverse to rhino,like a proxy of some sort?

And a replace function in omniverse would be very hand if we want to replace proxies from rhino by lets say trees- eg place cubes in rhino and then replace them with trees in omniverse with one click

Hello @marknoonmn! It would really help if you could send us a video of what you see happening during your LiveSync so that we can help troubleshoot the problem.

Also, it will be help too, if you could send us the following information:

  • Operating System
  • GPU(s) / GPU Driver
  • Logs from here: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Omniverse\<CONNECTORNAME>