Snapping assets into the scene stops working after a while

I’d like to report an issue I’ve been having using Omniverse create.
This is on windows 10 using an Aorus 15g with rtx3080 mobile; after working in a scene for a while I sometimes stop being able to snap objects into the scene, I can still add them but they seem to float from the snap position to the camera position.
I’ve attached a video to show the issue, haven’t really been able to find a solid way to reproduce it, it just happens after 20-30 mins usually.

@mvanneutigem - Thank you for the feedback. I will raise this issue for reproduction. If you happen to see this again, if possible can you try and remember any steps/actions that might have been done before? Looking for a possible trigger or scenario that exposes this issue.


Hi @mirice,
I’ve noticed this is consistently happening for me in my file now.
It seems to be happening only for assets that I already have a copy of in my scene, but with the visibility disabled.
I’ve attached a stripped down file where this is happening when I try to drag in the “SM_book_closed01.usd” or “SM_book_closed02.usd” files from the marbles assets set.
Hope this helps :)

Edit: you’ll have to edit the refs in the usda file to point to those files from the marbles set to reproduce it probably.
repro_bug.usd (3.9 KB) repro_bug.usda (3.1 KB)