Failed to open stage


I am having an issue opening my Marbles contest save.
When I go to open my save it says “Open Stage Failed: Failed to open stage Marbles_Assets_Tim.usd. Please check console for error.”

The console says:
2021-03-22 02:57:32 [Info] [omni.usd] Loading omniverse://localhost/Projects/Marbles_Assets_Tim.usd
2021-03-22 02:57:32 [Error] [omni.usd] Runtime Error (secondary thread): in Open at line 867 of E:\w\ca6c508eae419cf8\USD\pxr\usd\usd\stage.cpp – Failed to open layer @omniverse://localhost/Projects/Marbles_Assets_Tim.usd@
2021-03-22 02:57:32 [Warning] [omni.client.plugin] : usd_plugin: Failed to open layer @omniverse://localhost/Projects/Marbles_Assets_Tim.usd@
2021-03-22 02:57:32 [Error] [omni.usd] Failed to open : omniverse://localhost/Projects/Marbles_Assets_Tim.usd
2021-03-22 02:57:32 [Info] [omni.usd] omniverse://localhost/Projects/Marbles_Assets_Tim.usd opened unsuccessfully in 0.00 seconds
2021-03-22 02:57:32 [Error] [carb.python] Failed to open stage omniverse://localhost/Projects/Marbles_Assets_Tim.usd: Failed to open:omniverse://localhost/Projects/Marbles_Assets_Tim.usd

I am not sure what to do. I spent a lot of time building up a scene and I wanted to take screenshots today.
I hope this can be fixed.

Thank you,

The error messages seem to indicate that your local Nucleus Collaboration server is not running.

Can you check the Omniverse system monitor in your systems tray to see if it’s running?

It shows that everything is running fine.

I’ve closed out of Omniverse Launcher and Omniverse System Monitor, relaunched both applications, launched the Create app, navigated to File, Open Recent and selected my save, I still receive the same error.

Hi @TimothyFlanary, I just wanted to check on you. Are you still receiving this error?

Thanks for checking, I am still getting the error, it doesn’t matter anymore. I wasn’t able to submit to the Create with Marbles contest in time because my file was missing. I have a few screenshots but I needed the scene file. I spent time learning and creating the scene with nothing but a few screenshots to show for it.

Oh well, here are some screenshots that I was able to save.

I am so sorry @TimothyFlanary I am going to make a bug with your information for this issue.

I’d like to add your images to our other Marbles RTX submission renders. Unfortunately, because the deadline was 4/2/2021, I won’t be able to add your renders to into the competition, but I can try to include your work in some of our upcoming videos.

I’ve created an internal ticket for this issue, for your reference OM-29763. Can you let me know the following information?

  • Computer Environment (OS, GPU, GPU Driver)
  • Applications and Versions

I will add information to the ticket.

It’s ok you don’t have to do that. I just hope the next time others don’t have the issues.

OS: Windows 10 Home
GPU Driver: 465.89

Create: 2021.1.0
Cache: 2.2.0
Drive: 100.1.6

Thank you! I’ve sent your issue to the Create team.

@TimothyFlanary Can you send us a log file? We need to know if omniverse://localhost/Projects/Marbles_Assets_Tim.usd is available from the Browser.

Sorry, I already uninstalled the program. Since I wasn’t using it anymore.