Omniverse "Live" button is disable in Maya

I have faced problem with “Live” button in Legacy connector in Maya, that is not getting live on the file I opened from the server in Maya and Omniverse to concurrent work.
But “Live” button activates when I open another file from the same server. Not sure what is the issue.

Steps I followed:

  1. Started the cloud Nucleus server.
  2. Started live session in OV and singed in to same server in Maya.
  3. Opened the same file in Maya and OV
    However Live button from OV shelf is disable and not live.

Maya version. 2023
Omniverse Create(USD Composer) version 2022.3.3
Maya Legacy Connector 200.4.0

Does anyone faced similar issue.

Hi vikas.vartak:
If USD up axis does not match the up axis in Maya, Live Sync will be disabled. How about you try again after making sure Maya uses the same up axis?
If it fails again, can you download your USD and send us for debug purpose?

I did check USD up axis in both files and those are matching. Hence sharing the collected file here.
Thanks. (6.3 MB)

Hi Vikas.vartak:

I checked your USD. It uses animation which also prevents Live Sync.

Hi Juma,
So do you mean, file with animation in it; could not sync in Maya and Omniverse respectively? and does it required only static mesh file to work “Live sync”.

Right. Currently it is limited in this way.