USD plug-in not loading up in maya 2022,23

Hi all. I recently connected to omniverse but it seems all in vain as the backbone of omniverse i.e USD files not working in my Maya…the plug-in is unable to load. I would greatly appreciate any help with fixing this issue!

Hi @alek.lazarov . Can you clarify on what you’re trying to do? We don’t distribute the mayaUsd plugin. That is from Autodesk. Are you trying to use the Maya Connector? If so, are you using the Maya Native or Maya Legacy connector?

Hi Mati

I am an animation student and wanted to create a beautiful set dressing for my shot in omniverse but soon realised that that is near impossible and the registering on the platform is pointless without USD.
I am quite new to this type of files never used them before and never have I been aware of this issue I had on my hands.
It was only now that I realised it is not loading up in my Maya for some mysterious reason.
Even after looking for resolutions on the Internet I am still baffled and I cannot figure out how to overcome this on my own.
I came across a similar issue someone had experienced and they said it was something they installed that was in the path of USD,they had Nuke installed,and after getting rid of Nuke USD loaded up successfully.
I do not have Nuke installed on my system but I am using Substance painter and sometimes designer along with Gimp and Davinci resolve.

Could any of these softwares be interfering and thus creating conflict with USD?
Your help would be greatly appreciated.I am really looking forward to find a solution and being able to use the power of omniverse in my future projects.

Kind regards,Aleksandar