Omniverse USD Plugin Fails to Load in Maya 2020.4 (Windows)


I am unable to load the omniverse usd plugin in Maya 2020 Update 4 on Windows 10. I get the error seen in the attached snapshot. I looked at this thread and ensured that the Maya USD plugin was not loaded but the issue seems to persist.

Any help is appreciated!



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Would appreciate any pointers here. Is the current Omniverse USD maya plugin not compatiblae with Maya 2020 Update 4?

Hi Sachin! I’ve used the connector with Maya 2020.4 personally, have you verified it all installed cleanly? At what point did you start hitting the error?

Hi TJ!

Good to see here!

I installed the plugin via the Omniverse app so I assume it installed cleanly although I could try installing again. Initially I started Maya 2020.4 and loaded the omniverse usd plugin and it failed to load with a generic plugin initialisation failed error. I searched the forums here and found a thread about first unloading the maya-usd plugin which as on auto-load in my case. So, I turned that off and restarted Maya and verified that maya-usd plugin was not loaded anymore. Then I tried to load the omnivores plugin and ran into the error message attached in my first post.

Wondering if there are other components that also need to be installed or if the maya connector should be enough.


Hi Sachin,

Ok, let’s dig in a bit. Have you had it working before? On a different version of Maya?

What are your machine specs/etc? Updated drivers?

Please try this.

  1. From the Omniverse Launcher, uninstall Maya connector
  2. Start Maya, unload, and turn off autoload on the Autodesk Maya usd plug in and hydra plug in
  3. Close Maya
  4. Install Omniverse Maya connector
  5. Start Maya, set plug in to Omniverse plug in.

Can you try this and tell me if it gets you unblocked.

Thanks a ton Aron and TJ! The issue is resolved now! I think previously I was only unloading the mayausd plugin and not the hydra plugin which was causing the issue. Its working as expected now. Thank you very much! Looking forward to omniverse!


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Fantastic news, please make sure to show us what you get up to if you can.