Load Maya Connector plug-in failed


I have installed the Maya Connector in Omniverse, and when I start the Maya 2023 the message shows bellow.

And I can’t re-Load the plug-in in Maya plug-in manager.
When I click the Loaded, the error message shows:

Thank you very much.

Maya version: 2023
Omniverse version: 1.5.5
Maya connector version: 103.3.0
OS Windows 10 Pro.
GPU: RTX A4000
GPU Driver version: 516.25

Hello @frank_liu! I’ve reached out to the development team to get more help!

Could you send us a copy of you logs found at?
C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Omniverse\Maya? It may have information that will help us troubleshoot the issue.

Hey there, when using the omniverse plugin, you have to disable maya’s usd plugin:

If you attempt to reload the OmniverseMayaLoader.mll and still have “mayaUsdPlugin.mll” loaded. That window will still come up.

If mayaUsdPlugin.mll appears like:

mayaUsdPlugin.mll needs to appear like this:

Make sure to relaunch maya after this :-)

Hi @WendyGram and @dm3dxyz ,

Thank you very much for the reply.
I can open the omniverse plug-in after uninstalling the MayaUSD extension and Bifrost extension.
Thank you very much.

Frank Liu

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