Maya connector 103.3.0 allegedly installed but Maya 2023 doesnt display the plugin (WINDOWS)

Hi, I installed the Maya connector 103.3.0 which is supossed to be able to work on Maya 2023. It’s displayed as “Installed” in the launcher… however Omniverse plugin doesnt appear in my Maya 2023 aplication.

Any ideas about how to uninstall / install again the 103.3.0 connector? (it’s not located under the Windows Install / Uninstall software manager…

Hell @victor.sanchez2! Can you attach a copy of your log files found here: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Omniverse\Maya It will give us more details as to why this issue is happening!


To Uninstall:

  1. Go to the Library tab in the Launcher
  2. Select the Maya connector and next to the Installed button should be the stacked bars icon
  3. Click the stacked bars and select Settings option.
  4. A window will open, I recommend you uninstall all of the version and then go back to Exchange and Install the Maya 103.3 version.

You may need to run the Launcher as Administrator in case of Windows permission issues.

Thank you very much, @kecollins It worked fine :-)

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