Can't launch Autodesk Maya applicationc

please help, seem like Autodesk Maya version 102.3.0 installed complete but in Connectors only showed Status INSTALLED without Launch button.
so what should I do to launch Autodesk Maya? I can launch other applications (Omniverse Create, View, Cache, Drive) successfully but can’t seem to have launch button for Autodesk Maya.
Also AutoDesk Revit installed complete but can’t launch the application.

I have software and hardware configurations

  • RTX 2070 Super with Max_Q
  • GeForce driver version 497.29

further investigation and try to run MayaSetup.exe and install, get error result as follow.

Installation Error pop-up:
Failed to create OmniverssePlugin.txt to Maya’s modules path.
Please run Setup as Admin.
Log file:

MayaSetup.log has nothing in the file.

thank you for helping


This looks like an issue that should be posted in the Omniverse section. I will move it to the “Connectors” category for you.

Tom K

Hello @user115140! Sorry to hear that you are having a problem. I will pass this post along to the development team.

To help us troubleshoot this problem, if possible, can you attach your Omniverse logs?

  • Omniverse Logs: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs
  • Connector Logs: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Omniverse\<CONNECTORNAME>

Our Connectors typically work like other plugins.
After booting Maya like normal, you should see an ‘Omniverse’ dropdown menu at the top

Otherwise, from your Plugins Menu, you can search for “Omni” and should see the MayaLoader. Enable that like you would other plugins.

Thanks Tom,

Hope someone can help and point out why I can’t launch Omniverse Maya application, look like any application in Connectors like Revit and Unreal can’t launch also.


in Connectors, Omniverse Maya showed status installed without launch button so I can’t even launch Maya application like you show below.

Thanks for you help and hope you can guide me to fix the problem

Look like my last email couldn’t send out many log files and didn’t go through so resend again and hope you can get them all by sending out 2 emails.

Thanks Wendy for your help,

I don’t see Omniverse folder create in this path `C:\Users<USERNAME>\Documents```


Included log files from C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs

Hope you can point out the cause why I can’t get Omniverse Maya, Revit and Unreal applications launch from Connectors instead only showing status installed, also doesn’t seem to see from Microsoft Start menu as I saw many other users can launch from MS Start menu.

omni.kit.log (5.96 KB)

launcher.log (302 KB)


other 2 log files

omni.telemetry.transmitter.log (190 Bytes)
omni.processlifetime.log (13.8 KB)

Dear user,
For connector, usually they are plugins. You need launcher relative applications. Taking Maya connector as example, you need run Maya manually. Then you can see it in the menu of Maya.
BTW, for Maya 2022, you may have Autodesk’s Usd Plugin installed. This will prevent our Maya Connector to start, you have to disable Autodesk’s Usd Plugin. We are working on how to make it work with Autodesk’s Usd. But currently you have to do it manually.

Hi Juma,
how to disable Autodesk’s USD plugin?
BTW I can’t even launch Maya so don’t know how to disable USD Plugin but I can launch Create, View, Kit, Drive applications.
thank you,

Maya is not a native Omniverse application so it cannot be started from the Launcher. The launcher only installs the plug in to Maya. If you have Maya installed, then you should be able to start it from the Windows Start menu like other applications. If you also had installed previously the Maya USD plug in , you can disable this through Maya’s Plug In Manager or uninstall the Maya USD Plug in.

but Maya application is not in Windows Start menu even though Connectors indicated status installed but seem like no Maya app in Windows Start.
other applications Create, View, and Kit do have Launch button in Library but they are not exist in Windows Start menu. I can launch Create, View and Kit from Library fine but Maya has no Launch button and not even in Starts menu.
thank you for your help

Hi Azoellnor,
BTW, how can I disable Maya’s Plug in Manager or uninstall Maya USD Plug in?
I did uninstall Maya in Connectors and later reinstall it again but still see no Maya in Windows Start.
thank you,

Have you downloaded the Maya program from Autodesk?

If you need to check, you can access the ‘Add or Remove Programs’ from Windows, and see if its installed.

The Omniverse Launcher installs the connector that you will use with the Maya install.
After you have Maya installed, then install the Maya Connector from the Omniverse Launcher.
Lastly, launch Maya and you should hopefully see the ‘Omniverse’ dropdown menu available.

Let us know if you have any hiccups.

Hi zbowman,
in Omniverse Exchange, it has only Autodesk Maya Connector so where do I install Maya application before installing the Maya Connector as you mentioned above?
thank you,

Nvidia does not provide the Maya application. You can get that here

Once you have acquired and installed Maya from the link above, then you can proceed to use the Omniverse Launcher to install the Maya Connector.

Hi zbowman,
thanks for your input, I finally got UE application exports USD files to Omniverse applications and that is what I intend to do for now.
really appreciate your help