Problem loading Omniverse plugin in Maya 2020 on Windows

The plugin shows up in the plugin manager, but when I try to load I get this error:

// Error: Omniverse Error: fails to load OmniverseMayaPlugin. //
// Error: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2020/scripts/others/pluginWin.mel line 317: initializePlugin function failed (OmniverseMayaLoader) //

Plugin version 100.1.26 and 100.2.1
Maya version: 2020.2

I can load the plugin ok in Maya 2019.2

We do support Maya 2020.2 so I do expect it to install cleanly. Let’s see if we can see what’s happening. I have a couple questions to help me narrow down what’s happening…

  1. Is there more information in your MayaPlugin.log? You can find it in your user documents folder /Omnvierse/Maya
  2. Lets see if there is a plug in conflict. Do you have any other plugin currently installed on Maya 2020.2? If so can you toggle those off before trying to load the Omniverse plugin?

I also use Maya 2020.2 and it loads well. There could be some DLL conflicts with other third party plug-in in Maya 2020. Maybe you can try to not load some other third party plug-ins and try again.
Because it loads well with Maya 2019, it could be some plugin special in Maya 2020.2.

Thanks for the pointers. Turns out there was a conflict with another plugin, and that plugin was Maya’s own USD plugin. If I uninstall that then I can load the Omniverse plugin and USD import works ok.

The Maya plugin does not ship with Maya, I believe I got it from here:

I guess this means I no longer need that Maya github plugin? Does the Omniverse plugin build on top of that plugin, which is why it has the name conflict?

Thank you, we’ll look into the conflict. The Omniverse plugin does not build directly on the Autodesk one currently.

I have the same issue when loading the omniverse maya connector plugin. I don’t have the USD plugin installed, and I uninstalled (unload) all other plugins (even the default ones), still failing the initialization of the omniverse plugin in maya. My maya version is 2020.4