Please, someone help! It's the first time I'm using USD and it is already not loading in my maya 2022 :(

USD plug-in not loading in my Maya 2022.

Hi @alek.lazarov , You’ll need to search for “mayaUsdPlugin” in that Plug-in Manager window, and Unload it.

Hi Devin
I have done that but double checked again and the result is the same error message

thank you for trying to help

@alek.lazarov Can you confirm that you completely restarted Maya after unchecking “Loaded”, and after relaunching maya, confirming that mayaUsdPlugin was unloaded after launch.

Hi Devin

Yes,absolutely…I noticed I was using and old version of usd and so I just finished installing the latest version 0.24
but all that in vain

thx for your patience with me

@alek.lazarov - Looks like the Omniverse plugin is loaded? If you look at the top toolbar, there is a menu item called “Omniverse”. The error you are seeing down below is related to the MayaUSD Plugin and would be good to restart Maya to see if that clears out.

You can check to see that the omniverse plugin is loaded by checking once more in the plugin manager, there should be a checkbox for the “Loaded” option