Maya Omniverse Connector Updates

We released an update to the Maya Omniverse Connector.

Listed here is the highlights for the release.

  • Added Maya 2022 support. Must unload other USD plug-ins first.
  • Added Arnold 6.2 support for Maya 2020 / 2022
  • Added auto skel root generation for files that don’t meet usdSkel requirements
  • Added auto conversion of meshes with joint parents to be rigidly skin bound on export
  • Added scripted export options for Skin bind position.
  • Added USD Python Bindings, using Python 2.7, + USD 3 for Maya 2022. ( Other usd plug ins must be completely uninstalled to not have a conflict)
  • Added initial support for materials created by Create Material Editor / USD Shade
  • Added Checkpoint support ( replaced Snapshots), for supported servers
  • Added OmniSurface materials to Core MDL materials
  • Improved Material Export support
  • Improved instance Export
  • Improved Live Sync
  • Improved resolving default prims on import USD
  • Fixed animation transforms if animation is exported at a different up axis than the source.
  • Fixed an Omniverse Connection issue
  • Fixed Default Prim when export a Prop Animation Clip
  • Fixed a variety of Windows and Linux specific bugs
  • Changed Export Option - Normalize Skin moved to a only script command
  • Changed Export Option - Embedded MDL on by default, script command available to control it.

See full documentation here.

  • Added Maya 2022 support. Must unload other USD plug-ins first.

Does this mean i have to unload the native Maya_USD plugin?

This is true as it stands today, We cannot run side by side at this time.
We have it on our radar to lift this limitation in the future.

An update to the Maya Omniverse Connector has been released. Version 102.2.3 is now out. Release notes are listed below as well as in the docs.

  • Add Client Log Level script command OmniExtraCmd - clientLogLevel
  • Add Upload & download status to log file
  • Fixed bug exporting OmniSurface Preset materials
  • Fixed Crash on Marbles scene
  • Fixed OM-29272 Reexport of an existing USD broke some materials
  • Fixed OM-30555 Live object move with Variant caused duplicate
  • Fixed OM-34879 fix and set plug registration for Linux
  • Fixed OM-35172 UDIMs do not export for specific file
  • Fixed OM-35381 Variants has unexpected behavior on Export and Live
  • Fixed OM-35396 Export selected have wrong skeletal errors
  • Fixed OM-35428 Linux Connector won’t load USD Preview Surface
  • Fixed OM-30555 Live object moved caused undesired duplicate
  • Fixed OM-34558 Variant Crashed on Export
  • Fixed OM-34934 Exported incorrect inbetween blendshapes
  • Fixed OM-35381 Variant had incorrect visibility
  • Fixed OM-35462 Linux MDL templates and collections fail to load
  • Fixed OM-35546 CentOS MDLs fail to export to disc
  • Fixed OM-35548 CentOS MDLs are not immediately visible in Hypershade
  • Fixed OM-35956 Materials don’t load from Blender export
  • Fixed OM-36009 stage hierarchy wrong on load
  • Fixed OM-36520 Save USD didn’t save upaxis change
  • Fixed OM-36559 UV’s are broken for some assets
  • Fixed OM-36066 Export Selected Exported ALL material
  • Fixed OM-36070 Live object move doesn’t submit to server
  • Improved Export Selected with type Skel Mesh - Now selecting a bound mesh will automatically pick up the joints, eliminating the need to select the joints manually
  • Improved Animation Clip export by removing unused options
  • Improved support for the Create MDL Graph
  • Updated UMM and license
  • Updated Client Library and Client Wait call
  • Updated Core material Library

Maya Connect Version 102.3.0

  • No longer support Maya 2018
  • Added Animated Point Cache export option, Vertex Only. See documentation here.
  • Added Live Update options on Setting panel
  • Added Blendshape support for export type Skelmesh Animation Clip
  • Added checkpoint of auxiliary files
  • Improved Live Update performance with timeline scrub, and transforming objects
    • Updates are now on Mouse Release
  • Improved material conversion feedback
  • Improved usdSkel processing
  • Improved material handling for dds textures
  • Updated Prop vs Skelmesh export. Skinned meshes should be exported as type SkelMesh now.
  • Updated Core Materials

Additional bug fixes all noted in release notes online here

Maya Connect Version 102.4.0 was released today.
This is a small update with Client Library 1.16 as the main change plus a handful of bug fixed that you can find here.

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